The monks at the Petru Voda rekindle anti-chip. How is described the mechanism of doom and the first signs of decay


On February 10, at 99 years of the birth of father archimandrite Justin Parvu, the founder of the monastery Petru Voda, the assembly of the church of the German returned with detailed explanations about the danger of acceptance of the electronic identity, through the prism of the dogmas of the orthodox christian.
“Acts of identity which can be in any form. What matters is the fact that they express their identity. So are, for instance: cards of electronic identity (issued by certain countries in which the romanians have emigrated or in preparation in this country), health cards, electronic cards, electronic banking, electronic passports, travel cards nominal electronic cards, electronic access, etc.“, it said in a statement posted on the official website of the church of Neamt monastery.peter.voda.en.
Monks claim that the attitude of rejection of acts of electronic identity has been preached by all the Saints contemporary (Seraphim Rose, Paisius the Hagiorite, Nicolae Velimirovici, Cleopa Ilie) of the first abbots of the monastery Optina (center of spirituality of the Russian Church) or Aspazia Steel (martyr died in the communist prisons).
“…all the talk about the identity of the christian compared with the identity of the antihristică, they all say that the first step of compromise leads to another and another until the inevitable acceptance of the sixth seal (the implant), and that whoever gets the card of the party, will receive and function of the party, then the mission party, then the compromises of conscience all grow up and the man that he’s not coming back, because the steps seem small, acceptable, easy back, easy repented, but lacking repentance, I mean the cessation of the work of sin (hidden under the face of compromise), so the falls all the more deeply, the left little by little, imperceptibly, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, so that the poor man, not letting and account, and perforce, wakes up dragged of no return the final compromise“

Consent, the first step to perdition

Monks from Petru Voda admit that I strongly support the anti-chip, but I reject the idea that they would be the initiators of this approach:
“This is warning not just of Father Justin, as some say misinformed or malevolent, how that the <problem of electronic identity is an invention of the Monastery of Petru Voda>, not at all!, electronic identity is made explicit as antihristică of THEMSELVES THOSE who HAVE CREATED O. If satan himself expresses openly the paternity of the system, it is amazing how some christians want to redeem him“.
To understand why is it dangerous acceptance of the electronic identity, in the communiqué of the community of the monastery Petru Voda is described the mechanism that leads to destruction:
“Specifically, the Saints explains in what consists the problem of the acceptance of identity documents with microchip: CONSENT. Consent, free will, is the only thing by which the man decides who he gives the soul: God’s or the cunning. No God, no evil can not pass by the consent of man. The MAN CHOOSE”
Monks say that in the case in which the man chooses to accept documents in electronic, and appear the first effects that foreshadow the disaster:
“When the man choose freely the identity of the antichrist, He causes his Holy Spirit to depart from him and the spirit of cunning to get close to him. Those who believing that by accepting the electronic identity doesn’t waver at all the creed of the dogmatic, because only the implant is self-denial total, may, however, see a change not only in your spiritual life, in their connection with God. No disease, no accident, no grief, no misfortune, suddenly these temptations are on the rise, hampered over them, and it is interesting that they feel that <I can’t get them cause>, their strength of mind and the spiritual has decreased, the clarity of mind he left them, hope has weakened. Why? Because the grace of the Holy Spirit is departed from them“.

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