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The King of Spain support the socialist Pedro Sanchez to form a government

Felipe VI, King of Spain , proposed on Tuesday the Socialist Pedro Sanchez to try to form a government.

Pedro Sanchez announced this weekend that it would consult its members on the pact to be done to form a government that necessarily go through a union. But what party, the PSOE will he ally? With the ultra-left represented by Podemos? With the conservative center of Ciudadanos? The options are many, but none offers Sanchez absolute majority in parliament.

On December 20, the right won the parliamentary with 28.7% of votes, followed by the Socialists (22%), but since the election the leader of the outgoing government, the Conservative Mariano Rajoy, has failed to obtain the necessary support for the nomination to parliament. His People’s Party (PP) has more than enough majority to govern alone and can not find support to govern in coalition, with 119 out of 350 elected, which led Mr. Rajoy to give up on January 22 trying the nomination.

the centrist Ciudadanos (40 deputies) as the Socialist Party (90), in which he proposed to form a large tripartite coalition, maintained their refusal. Mr. Sanchez said he was ready for dialogue with all the training, left and right, for the formation of a government “progressive”

The socialist has two months to form a Government otherwise the Spaniards will go to the polls again.

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