The justice seized on the heritage of Thierry Robert, the mp reacts


Following the announcement of the High authority for the transparency that captures the justice on the heritage of Thierry Robert, deputy from reunion island wished to speak. It reacts in a press release, to read in its entirety below :

Since I am an Mp, I had to make three reports to the High Authority for Transparency in Public Life : one at the beginning of my first mandate, a at the end of the first term and one at the beginning of my second term.

in the first statement, the HATVP had appealed to the Prosecutor, after investigation, has just to classify without continuation this file, by specifying : “The facts or the circumstances of the facts of the procedure could not be clearly established by the investigation. The evidence, therefore, are not sufficient for the crime to be constituted, and that criminal proceedings can be initiated “.

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in Spite of everything, it is for the same reasons that the HATVP decides to seize the prosecutor on my second property declaration, made at the end of my first term in parliament.

During my second declaration of heritage, I have sought the services of the HATVP, so that, in the face of my heritage complex, they can accompany me in the writing of my second statement of heritage (Cf.letter attached dated November 28, 2016). To this day, I have received no response.

Following a meeting with the HATVP, I was able to answer all the questions of the authority (Cf. letter dated February 5, 2018).

in Spite of everything, the HATVP decided to re-enter the Prosecutor. In any case, the same situation after my first statement of heritage appears to be reproducing. The results are the same which are, therefore, expected.

Thierry ROBERT,

Deputy for the 7th electoral district of The Meeting

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