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The justice of argentina requested the arrest of Cristina Kirchner for “treason”


“We demand the lifting of the immunity and the arrest of Cristina for betrayal of the motherland”, as the site of the argentine newspaper Clarín. The federal judge Claudio Bonadio has requested Thursday, December 7, the lifting of the immunity and the arrest of the ex-president and senator elected Cristina Kirchner for obstructing the investigation into the bombing – which had 85 dead in 1994 – against a building in the capital of argentina with several associations of jewish, including the Association mutual israelite argentina (Amia).

The former president (2007-2015) is accused of having mounted a “criminal plan designed to give impunity” senior officials to iranians suspected of having sponsored the attack against the Amia, summarizes Clarín. justice accused him of having signed a pact with Iran to ensure that its citizens are heard by magistrates argentinians in Tehran fault to be able to do in Buenos Aires.

“Hunting the opposition,” ” says the newspaper of the left Página 12. The daily evokes a “revanchisme” while the camp of the president peronist movement has lost power to the benefit of the right of the president, Mauricio Macri, elected in 2015. In October, the ex-president has accused the argentine government of engaging in political persecution against the opposition, reminds us of La nacion, listed to the right.

Elected as a senator in October, Mme Kirchner enjoys parliamentary immunity, the waiver should be approved by a two-thirds majority by the Senate. A scenario that seems unlikely in light of the opposition of the elected representatives of the Party of justice, in the camp of Cristina Kirchner, according to Clarín.

The federal judge Bonadio ordered the arrest of the ex-minister of foreign Affairs Héctor Timerman, and several other former high-ranking officials.

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