The HWP advocates without illusions for a change of course


PARTY. How to weigh on the course of things when good ideas without having the relay policies to implement ? Draw a picture, draw alarm bells. This is where the PLR in the context of a press conference yesterday morning.

Member, Huguette Bello can hear the voice of the Meeting at the national Assembly, but locally it man-that in the PLR the decision-making powers to fulfill their aspirations. Yesterday morning, Huguette Bello, Emmanuel Seraphim and Olivier Hoarau have placed the water issue at the heart of their concerns.
” The number of the taps is a better indicator than that of hospital beds “, stressed Huguette Bello. “There is a greater investment on the mobile phones and on the water “. “More than half of the Reunion does not have access to safe drinking water. On 179 networks, 111 are not in compliance. The risk of contamination of some catchments is real, ” said Emmanuel Seraphim.
Mayor of Port Olivier Hoarau has shown that the warden had given the green light to a recycling unit of 450 000 m3 of water on the common. “The work will start.” The HWP advocates for a single price of water at the scale of the department.

“lack of foresight and lack of anticipation”

based on the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of heavy rains on the South of the island, the PLR has denounced “a lack of foresight total,” and a ” lack of anticipation “. “The securing of 500 riffle is a priority. “
If the HWP welcomes the decision of the president of the Region to renounce the incinerators, stressing that, on this record, Didier Robert has changed his mind, he reminds us that the one projected by the Cinor-risk exit from the earth to the extent that the contract has been signed. “Zero waste is not a utopia. It is necessary to develop the sorting, recycling, build a methanisation factory. “The PLR denounces also the project of a second port in the East of our island. “If you want to weaken the tool port an existing one, it is necessary to build a second port “, warns Olivier Hoarau. “Instead, we must develop a center of logistics excellence based on the current facilities. “


Without getting a lot of illusions about the possibility of setting up such a platform, the HWP advocates for ” a common programme “, in particular on the issue of water.
” We need to think together, to have a long-term vision and build a company up of men and women. There is a responsibility policy. The right has all the powers. There is no program for the development of the country. It is necessary to anticipate rather than run behind the problems, and systematically do the catching up. We must take back the decision-making centres. The Meeting should not be the project of one man. We have assets but they have to be put in value. The maintenance of the housing allowance and the recovery of the tax exemption on the housing intermediate would generate activity in the building. In the field of tourism it is necessary to take part and add value to local resources such as pharmacopoeia. “

Alain Dupuis

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