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The encounters between the economic actors

The encounters between the economic actors

The municipality wants to continue to ” work to value and develop the economy in the town “. Local elected officials, the association act teams (Companies, local authorities, insertion) and the Bureai information jeunesse (BIJ) have therefore listed the economic entities of the territory, gathered in a directory of local businesses. “It lists 411 economic actors, and provides a mapping that facilitates research and approaches, whether they are related to employment, contracts of apprenticeship, to the discovery of a profession or sector of activity. It must also be used to create a link between the companies, and closer to the consumers of the artisans “, explained the mayor, Pierre-Jean Pudal, and Jacques Borderie, deputy in charge of commerce and craft.

The arrival of Livrad’Up

” In addition, with the support of the State in the framework of the policy of the City and act teams, a first meeting of the economic entities livradaises – the forum Livrad’Up – will see the light of day. These social meetings will be open to all companies wishing to exchange with each other, around common themes. All activity sectors are represented : food processing, agricultural, industrial, commercial, craft, CONSTRUCTION, tourism, services, banking, the professions, etc.”, stated the elected officials. They also explain that these meetings will ” help to develop trade, to allow the development of our local shops, and support all our economic actors “.

The first meeting is scheduled Thursday, from 19 h 30 at the salle des Varieties, alongside act team, a partner of these meetings. “We will present our assignments to the municipality, to support local businesses, and citizens, but also the work done for this directory of economic actors. Then, we will attempt to answer questions of entrepreneurs, artisans, self-employed workers present that night, ” stresses Danièle Rivière, in charge of the département of act teams.

In total, three meetings of this kind are planned for this year. “We hope that the economic actors will be able to find all that they wish to maintain their activity and allow the area to continue to grow “, concluded the elect.

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