The compliance officer grabbed the FN in the PACA region after the revelation of a survey of Mr. Estrosi

The compliance officer grabbed the FN in the PACA region after the revelation of a survey of Mr. Estrosi

Christian Estrosi, President Republicans (LR) of the PACA region, 18 December 2015.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, head of the National Front party (FN) Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, seized Monday 29 February the compliance officer of the Region on the issue of a survey conducted by its president, Christian Estrosi (Republicans, LR). This opinion poll conducted after the election of the candidate of the right, was paid by the regional council, many of his questions were about the image of the latter in PACA.

“This use of finances in the region, and thus the taxpayers’ money, to very personal (evaluate its strategy, image, test its allies, its competitors and its opponents) do we appear neither moral or perhaps even legal “, argued M me Maréchal-Le Pen in a statement. His party demand that the entire survey and communicated to that bill.

“We can then judge (…) the usefulness of this expenditure performed on the funds of the community … and consider all appropriate suites. “

” No reason to hide anything “

The Socialist Christophe Castaner, who led the list PS- MRG withdrawn to fight the FN at the poll, has called him on it for this poll was made public: “the first requirement that stems from my retirement to fight the National Front by promoting the election Christian Estrosi, is transparency. “ And it called ” solemnly “ Nice Mayor ” to commit to stop using public funds from the Region to finance new [polls ]. “

” There is no reason to hide anything. Everything will soon be made public “, said on his part Mr Estrosi Monday night. He said the investigation is “on the aspirations of people and the perception of the executive”. He said that similar surveys will be set up “every six months (.. .) to follow the changing expectations of the 5 million Provence, the Alpine and the côte d’Azur. “

the President of the PACA region ” glad also that the National Front elected grasp the compliance officer “ as they opposed his appointment: ” This is a first step and we hope they also will submit their asset declarations for greater transparency . “

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