The city of Aix-Marseille-Provence fate of his judicial pitfalls

Jean-Claude Gaudin, Mayor of Marseille, Nice, April 22, 2015.

The legal saga that paralyzed the city Aix-Marseille-Provence since its inception, the 1 st January ended. The Constitutional Council rejected, Friday, February 19, the priority issues of constitutionality (QPC) posed by common Eguilles (Bouches-du-Rhône) and Pertuis (Vaucluse). These two medium-sized cities of the country of Aix-en-Provence symbolize the major opposition front to the birth of the metropolis. They challenged the division between the municipalities of the 240 seats in the metropolitan assembly, which, they give too much importance to Marseille from average cities. Jean-Claude Gaudin, senator and mayor of Marseille (Republicans), comes out strengthened in its role as president of this new community, although its main opponent, the mayor (LR) of Aix-en-Provence still promises ” total war “in the coming weeks.

the distribution of elected metropolitan Aix-Marseille-Provence is a specific provision of the OuR law, which related to an amendment (4 ° paragraph a paragraph IV of Article L. 211-6-1) deposited in particular by the Mayor of Marseille. The Constitutional Council has decided that this “Gaudin amendment” is “not infringe the principle of equality of people before the suffrage” . This one even considers that this provision “to disparities in representation between the most populated municipalities and the other” repeating the arguments of the government representative at the hearing on 11 February. In other words, the 108 seats allocated to Marseille’s just give political weight to a city that represents 44% of the population of this metropolis of 92 municipalities and 1.8 million inhabitants.

The Prime Minister s is pleased to see the constitutional Council to strengthen the position of the government. “All cities created by law MAPTAM [modernization of territorial public action and affirmation of metropolises] are now active,” said Mr Valls.

Marseille elected across all borders, welcomed the decision and called the constitutional Council, in the image of Jean-Claude Gaudin, the “to the establishment, without delay, of organs, devices and metropolitan governance delegations to turn the page of the jurisdictional disputes “. “Now let’s get to work,” has launched the former Minister for Disability, Marie-Arlette Carlotti, Councillor PS. Right, the departmental chair of the RS Federation, Senator Bruno Gilles, also displayed his relief that the Constitutional Council resolve a conflict that has turned to internal psychodrama among Republicans.


As for opponents, rejecting QPC has had the effect of a heavy blow. “I was convinced of the opposite decision and I was not the only” notes Senator (LR) and Vice President of the PACA region, Aix Sophie Joissains. visceral opponent of what it sees as “looting by Marseille surrounding towns” , the mayor of Aix-en-Provence, Maryse Joissains-Masini, held a press conference disheveled, calling his council to “refuse to enter the city,” . “I ask the government to hold a referendum as to the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes,” emphasized M me Joissains-Masini, who without laugh, raises the possibility of a “referral to the European Court of human rights” .

His hard-line is not shared by all MEPs concerned. “I take note of the decision,” ensures Mayor (LR) Cabriès, Hervé Fabre-Aubrespy. For this technocrat and adviser of state, the future of small towns passes rather by action within the metropolitan assembly. “Why not create a group of mayors to make our voices heard? “ he imagined.

” Appeasement “

Jean-Claude Gaudin, he will want to speed things now. Especially since he still hangs over the cancellation of his election declared January 7 by the Marseille Administrative Court and for which it appealed to the State Council. In December 2015, the senator told one of his very close, the Chief of services the city of Marseille, Jean-Claude Gondard, a foreshadowing of Mission of the metropolis. This preparatory work will now be transformed into concrete installation of this administrative structure to control the action of 7500 officials

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on the political front, several meetings will be held by the end of April. The 240 members of the Metropolitan Assembly will meet soon to elect the Vice-Presidents and members of the executive office of the metropolis. A vote followed by the installation of the territory of advice, these six entities that reflect the limitations of public intermunicipal cooperation (EPCI). The mayor of Marseille he take the opportunity to settle some political scores with those who tried to derail “his” metropolis? “The hour is rather calming,” judge his entourage.

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