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The chef Antonin Bonnet, in all clarity

The chef Antonin Bonnet, in all clarity

Antonin Bonnet has made the choice of a map-compressed, where the vegetables are in the spotlight.

On the sidewalks of the rue de l’abbé-Grégoire, in the 6e arrondissement of Paris, the students of Ferrandi, the French school of gastronomy, cast hardly a glance at the window of Quinsou, just opposite. Ignoring surely that Antonin Bonnet, chef at CV ruffling – The Sergent Recruteur in Paris, The Greenhouse and The Oak Room in London, Michel Bras in Laguiole – officiates since September 30, 2016. Perhaps they got wind of the sad adventure of a Young Street, in which the cook has been shipped ? In any case, the head of Quinsou cultivated discretion. The seven black letters that names the place have been placed on the façade only at the end of march. In the room, the natural materials are interwoven, without pretense. On the counter, a leg of pig is waiting to be sliced finely to open the appetite. Here, no concept of über-innovative design or tape-to-eye. Quinsou proudly bears his name of a small bird, the name in occitan, the old Cévenols give the pinson, piaf modest and familiar.

In the plate, we find this clarity, which puts the product at the centre. That night, the horse mackerel of Saint-Jean-de-Luz marinated, served with a veil of radishes in the vinegar and horseradish and the asparagus in the Area of Roques-Hautes, accompanied by a velouté of asparagus,lardo, and bear’s garlic, let the leader’s ability to sublimate the seasons. the ” We have reached all the commas, the freebies. Not by greed, but in order to offer the best products, without putting the knife under the throat of our suppliers “, explains the chef of 45 years. He hesitates when it comes to define in a few words his work : ” A large base of French cuisine. But without the techniques to see. As these jazz players that give the feeling to improvise with ease, while it requires a huge amount of work. “

Rusticity and elegance

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