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The art of the pizzaiolo in the neapolitan between the patrimony of the Unesco


“there It is ! exclaims Il Mattino. The art of the ‘pizzaiuolo’ neapolitan is part of a world heritage of humanity”. The decision was taken in Jeju, South Korea, at the 4: 30 hour of Naples, “after days of negotiations, the result of which was absolutely not expected.” The official announcement is expected to arrive in Seoul, to the 9th of December. But in Naples, it has already begun to celebrate the event. Some pizzerias have opened as early as 8 o’clock in the morning, distribution of pizzas and performance of pizzaiolos acrobats.

“This is a historic turning point for the pizza neapolitan”, emphasizes the newspaper of the city parthénopéenne.

A victory for a business to be considered, there are a few more decades, as the lowest of all. It is a reward for the tenacity with which it has formed and perpetuated over the centuries, a style that extends today in the world.”

Stampa note that this is the 58th “good” Italian recognized by Unesco, and the ninth in the region of Campania. A recognition which is no more than justice, writes the newspaper, recalling the song ‘pizza’, output in 1966 and input from “in the history of the neapolitan song”. Aurelio Fierro singing : “I wanted to offer you a diamond of 15 carats, is leaving to pay in several times. But you, you wanted a pizza, with the tomato top. A pizza and nothing else.”

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