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The A9 will be completely cut off that night between East Montpellier and Vendargues

V inci Highways to proceed, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the demolition of the bridge RD24E2, through the movement of the A9 site.

If you must take the highway Saturday night and through Montpellier, be warned: the A9 will be completely cut between interchanges east of Montpellier and Vendargues in both meaning, all night.

what to allow Vinci Autoroutes to proceed with the demolition of the bridge RD24E2 safely in the displacement of the A9 site. A security cordon will be set up , with the support of the police and gendarmerie. “This operation will close the series of demolitions started in 2014, explains Vinci. No explosives will be used and once the rubble removed, the A9 will be returned to traffic in the morning. “

In detail

from Orange, traffic will be switched off Saturday evening from 21 pm until 9 am 45 and 15, the output will be compulsory at the interchange of Vendargues (No. 28) and prohibited entry to Narbonne. From Narbonne, from 22 pm to 8: 30 pm, the output will be mandatory Montpellier Est (No. 29) and the two inputs to Orange will be banned. alternative routes will be in place.

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