Thailand, Cuba and Japan, featured destinations this summer

August is the month of the holiday par excellence. And, although every time the holiday season or getaway citizens around the world are more seasonally adjusted, this month continues to record million hotel bookings and flights around the planet.

Although to know this 2016 key tourist destinations still have to wait a few months we can already get an idea of ​​the trend of the most popular tourist destinations. For this year, according to Google, among the most popular destinations for a holiday this summer season are United Kingdom, Thailand, Morocco, Cuba and Japan.

In 2015, France was the country most visited by international tourists, totaling more than 86 million visits, and growing over the previous year. Then the United States, Spain, China and Italy were the main destinations for travelers from around the world. After the United States, Latin Mexico (ninth worldwide) with 32 million visitors, and growing at about 9% over 2014.

stands when spending, which more buy or acquire higher value when they travel are Chinese, American and German, followed by English and Russian.

trends change from previous years, as does the way of acquiring travel. The online platforms to find flights and hotels at the best price are becoming the main option for ease of comparison and convenience offered by the user.

Portales, as the Mexican BestDay , allow flights from one airport to another, and show in seconds a comparison of airlines and combinations so that the user can choose the cheapest option or the fastest option.

Search hotels, tours , transfers, car rental or vacation packages is also much more comfortable through this kind of websites. We will be able to compare prices of many service providers and build all our vacation without having to leave the same web of trust, to have a holiday fully insured and avoid possible shocks.

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