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TF1 spotting for readers travelers

TF1 spotting for readers travelers

The cruise organized by newspapers (The Republican, The Republican Lorrain and Vosges Matin”) on the Mekong river is drawing closer. A few more months of patience…

No journey is like another. That is the whole point of travelling the world. Issue Seven to Eight (TF1 – 17: 15 to 19: 45 to us) has yet offered a registration for the Sunday, march 19. Seven reports have been released. And, among them, there was one dedicated to the cruise that the newspapers offer to Readers travelling in September and December. Here is the synopsis written by the French tv channel TF1 :

OVER THE MEKONG (by Emmanuel REITZ, Vincent REYNAUD – 24 minutes)

behind-the-scenes of cruising French luxury over the Mekong river, Cambodia to Vietnam. The boat is one of the few able to land in remote areas, until then very little frequented by tourists.

If you missed it, you can see it in replay on your box, on the site of TF1 ( or by clicking on the following link :

Good trip images, waiting to go down the Mekong river.

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