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Plea for more science in medicine

By Luc Perino, GP In the classic debate between art and science, biologists consider medicine as a practice, not a science. The medicine uses biology or statistics, such as the building uses chemistry or geometry. The use of sophisticated technologies is not enough, either, to give it the status of […]

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Scientific fraud shakes the Nobel Prize in Medicine

A case of negligence and bad scientific practice is causing one of the worst crisis experienced by the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Sweden, awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. The Swedish government has dismissed the senior management of the Karolinska after an external investigation into malpractices has harshly criticized the […]

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Medicine, 63 thousand in the test

Test day for 62,695 aspiring doctors and dentists (about two thousand more than last year), committed this morning in the admission tests to the University. Overall, the available places are 10,132 (9,224 for Medicine and Dentistry to 908) and this means that, at the end of the selections, will enroll […]

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Medicine, the charge of 587

Privacy Policy The Present Privacy Policy is intended to describe how to manage the website (hereinafter also the “Site”), in reference the processing of your personal data that refer (hereinafter also the ‘ “User”). it is, in particular, notice is given pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree. N. […]

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Test of Medicine is expected to increase candidates

Boom for aspiring doctors . Tuesday 6 September depart exams for admission to the Degree in Medicine and Dentistry Courses of the state universities for 60,372 students, a number grew by 5.6% compared to last year. When you have already done instead exams in the three  private universities (Biomedical Campus […]

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Medicine: Many do not know the doctor on call

Berlin. Long have the physicians worked out that there is a single emergency number throughout Germany. Who weekend has abdominal pain or fever gets at night, which should only have to remember one phone number to get medical help. Four years ago, then actually went in the digit combination 116 […]

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