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Pluvet: The country knows his onions new Miss and Mister

This Saturday, Demougin Caroline, aged 19 and originally from Pluvet was elected Miss countries of the onion. Moreover, Dejan Ramac, 20 years of Genlis, was elected mister country of onion. This election was binding in the presence of Charlene Grandiowsky, Miss Gold Coast, and Miss countries of onion in 2015.

“The point knows phenomenal”

José Luis Oltra gold valued as if the point made by the Cordoba in La Condomina, although not over “satisfied” with the image that gave his team against UCAM is involved. Valencia coach acknowledged that “expecting a locked and thick party and has been: with little pace, many interruptions and […]

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Food Watch knows how much sugar is in your drink

26 cubes of sugar can plug in an energy drink for a test of the consumer organization Food Watch. Far too much – say not only the testers More than half of all soft drink in Germany includes, according to the consumer organization Food Watch too much sugar.. With a […]

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Medical knowledge knows no boundaries

future doctors from Minsk undergo internship in Agaplesion Lutheran hospital. Holzminden (08.24.16 ). So a small town – and so a large hospital with so many options. In their first days in Holzminden Iryna Liavonchyk, Mikhail Borys, Katsiaryna Kukhta and Konstantin Dotsenko amazed. For six weeks to complete the medical […]

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