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iPhone 7: They killed the jack!

On Wednesday night German time Apple presented the iPhone 7 and people are outraged. Not only because Super Mario, the schnauzbärtigste, blaumännlichste plumbers in video game history, soon jumps on the iPhone and its inventor Shigeru Miyamoto was it flown in to San Francisco. No, what makes some really foxy, […]

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New iPhone 7: Why Apple abolishes the bush

Apple provides their new iPhones traditional jack socket for earphones off. When iPhone 7 you will plug in instead on Apple’s own digital “Lightning” connector or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. Photo: Christoph Dernbach The jack for headphones was from audio devices have hardly imagine. Whether Walkman, iPod, stereo or smartphone […]

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So this iPhone 7 it worth the cost?

For nearly 12 euros, the iPhone 7 Plus with a 256 GB storage capacity costs … a net monthly minimum wage (1,129 euros against 1141). If the cheapest model of the new product is 769 euros, Apple continues to increase as and when the prices of its smartphones. Presented […]

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