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The “Dieselgate” Volkswagen threat increasingly Bosch

The scandal of fake Diesel Volkswagen threat increasingly Bosch engines. According to a complaint filed in California by clients harmed, diesel vehicle owners, the group of Stuttgart would have been aware of the use by VW software controlling the discharges of gaseous and have actively participated in the fraud for […]

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The French feel increasingly poor

More than one in three French people experienced poverty during his life. This is what shows the tenth barometer of the French Secours Populaire on the perception of poverty in France (1) released yesterday. The feeling of being or having been poor progress. It went from 35% to 38% of […]

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SMEs increasingly paid on time

According to figures published Tuesday, September 6, French SMEs have seen their payment back one day in the first quarter 2016. Last year, the average was 14 days late against 12 now. It is a marker of recovery. Preliminary data released by the Altares cabinet for the start of 2016 […]

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