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Portugal. One hundred wildfires

In Portugal, one hundred wildfires raged yesterday mobilized 3,500 firefighters. Several villages were evacuated. Since the beginning of the year, fires have destroyed 107,000 hectares of woodland and scrub in the country.                                                    

Portugal faces a hundred forest fires

A hundred fires are still active Tuesday, September 6th in many parts of Portugal. More than 3,500 firefighters were deployed, especially in the Peneda National Park Gerês (north), where two villages encircled by flames, Paradela and Varzea, were evacuated. A forest fire in district Leiria (center), who approached several houses […]

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Five hundred people demand the recall Canary Maduro

The call for these demonstrations in the Canary Islands, a day after a massive march of the Venezuelan opposition in Caracas, coincides with similar protests in other thirty cities in the world and intends to call for international solidarity with the Venezuelan people, according spokesmen for the conveners parties, members […]

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