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The video blog of F. Marhuenda: “Rajoy has a major challenge in Galicia but not have it easy in the Basque Country”

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Russia Challenge in Europe

U old question nagging Russia: that of identity. Since the sixteenth century, Europe and the West (when this notion began to include the United States) are role models and foils. The expanded edition of the book by Marie-Pierre Rey (1) back on the history of this ever-present torment. First Tsar […]

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A ruined River faces the challenge of the Paralympic Games

In the coming days ‘maravilhosa cidade’, Rio de Janeiro, will draw the strength to repeat the relative success of those who were the first Olympic Games ever in South America. On Wednesday night, the mythical stadium Maracana receive the ceremony more than two hours that will by inaugurated the Paralympic […]

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Tv2000, three documentaries and a great challenge

Tv2000 at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival of the Venice Biennale , he presented at the Fondazione Ente Performing Space – FEdS premiere three new documentaries : ‘ Kemioamiche ‘ Chiara Salvo in collaboration with Real Time (Discovery Italian group), ‘never say never’ by Andrea Salvadore, ‘ love Songs […]

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The challenge in Spain “is the agreement not exalt the differences,” says the socialist Javier Fernandez

Gijon / Oviedo, JA ARDURA President of Asturias, Javier Fernández, positioned yesterday openly against the holding of third general elections in Spain, while noting as “great challenge” the need to reach agreements to avoid disaffection discrediting institutions ends up generating among citizens. “I think we’re playing with fire,” said Fernandez […]

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