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Industry 4.0: attempt to avoid relegation

IT capital increases in the automotive manufacturing and thereby enters the established industrial companies as a competitor against. The latter would put the future prospects. German companies therefore need to acquire IT skills, which are necessary for the control of networked manufacturing technologically complex products. (Automatic production at Porsche’s Leipzig […]

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At the third attempt “village thing”

Hohenseeden l Mostly large, old chestnuts are on the school place, in the shadow of the club “linden” has already organized many nice barbecues. Also many other social events can be found here, from kindergarten, for example, and nearly coming every day here to play and adults can enjoy the […]

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Rajoy last attempt to convince Sanchez

The PSOE will vote no to the pact investiture of PP and Citizens, it announced today the secretary general of the Socialists, Pedro Sanchez, after meeting first with the party executive and, second, with the own Mariano Rajoy. Sanchez, at a press conference in Congress, stressed that the meeting was […]

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