Swiss chocolate. “Man City” ripped off the offender CSKA Moscow for 22 minutes

Swiss chocolate.  “Man City” ripped off the offender CSKA Moscow for 22

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“Basel” was well prepared for the “Manchester City”. But this is not enough.

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“Basel” third time in 7 years in the playoffs Champions League. How is he better than our clubs?
CSKA and “Zenith” for two over the years managed to build just four out of the group.
“Basel” and CSKA again play in one day
“In place of” Basel “should have been us,” CSKA players thought for sure after the draw of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League threw them to their former rival in the group “Manchester City”. Perhaps, they discussed this topic among themselves with smiles on their faces, and not with vexation, realizing that Eurovision (more precisely, in this case, the Eurozim) would have ended in such hands-off at two matches. And even without the chance to play football: the team Josep Guardiola just pick up the ball and force him to run after him almost all 180 minutes. In general, “Basel” could be both envious and sympathetic. Themselves, the “army team”, it coincided, held today the first game of the 1/16 finals of the Europa League in Belgrade.

“You need to play confidently, compactly, do not lose concentration for a second, and when getting the ball, my players should act decisively,” the head coach of the Swiss shared with him on the eve of the game Rafael Vicki . – It’s unlikely that the opponent will surprise us. Everybody knows how this team plays. She has no weaknesses. ”
Meanwhile, during the winter, Basel lost two players to the “base”. Successful performance in the group stage allowed the club to earn on transfers Manuel Akandji and Renato Steffen . The 22-year-old defender was sold to Dortmund Borussia for 21.5 million euros and the 26-year-old midfielder to Wolfsburg for 1.5 million. In addition, the Swiss champion approached the first meeting with Man City with a couple of injured Is the defender Eder Balant and midfielder Luca Zuffy . Among those who replaced the retired, was rented from the “Saint-Etienne” stopper Leo Lacroix , which, according to some information, like Mohamed Elunussy , got into the focus of attention of “Zenith”.
Oberlin earned a penalty?
The game began with three consecutive corner at the gate of the red and blue. Nothing surprising. However, before the first goal of Manchester City, which was slaughtered at the end of the third half, it seemed that Vicki really very well prepared his team to battle with a brilliant opponent. Was “Basel” compact and concentrated at the moment? Certainly. The Swiss acted in three central defenders, and it seemed that they had this system will work much more effectively than the “Lester” in the last round of the English Premier League. For example, when the ball got to Bernard Silve , the owners controlled the movements Kevin De Breuin to the right corner of the penalty area. They did not give a repeat of the combination, after which the “Lester” missed the first goal.
Was “Basel” confident and determined with the ball? Also yes. Team Vicky ran into a rapid counterattack by a whole group of players. Boldly flew to the defenders of “citizens” 20-year-old striker Dimitri Oberlin – the opening of the current Champions League, the author of four goals in the group. In one episode, Oberlin just barely had enough to open the account, ahead of Ederson jumping out of the gate. In another forward, perhaps, not without reason, he claimed a penalty after falling in single combat with Nicholas Otamendi . The Argentine defender made an accentuated move in his direction.
One hundred percent realization
Was it surprising Josep Guardiola something Vicki? It is unlikely. But you can disassemble in detail the football “Man City”, prepare for the game psychologically, but still get a full net of balls. In the end, the scales in favor of the “townspeople” inclined them to a much higher class: the leader of the Premier League demonstrated a hundred percent goal scoring.
First, “Man City” scored after his fourth corner in the match. Fabian Fry just lost I’ll fly Gundoganu fighting ahead of time after filing to the goalie line. And the goalkeeper Tomasz Waclik could have chosen a better position. Czech this evening did not help Basel. Then Kevin De Breuin by proprietary transmission revealed the rich defense of the hosts, after which the ball ricocheted from Lacroix hit the Bernard Silve . The Portuguese made a great breakthrough. In the third scoring episode, the ball as a result of the roll of the same Lacroix went to the feet Sergio Aguero . And not very noticeable before the Argentine striker added to the poker at the gate of “Leicester” goal at “St. Jacob Park”.
With a score of 3-0, Man City could already enjoy the game, like Swiss chocolate. At the same time, there was a feeling that the guests did not pay attention to the numbers on the scoreboard at all. Team Guardiola continued to play the way she played. By the break, “citizens” scored 468 assists (with 84% accuracy) against 150 in the home team (64%).
Václic eliminates the hat-trick of Gündoğan
The second half turned into a formality. However, it is unlikely that any of the fans regretted that he spent on tickets honestly earned francs. The game of today’s “Man City” is a pleasure, even if you do not stand for the Guardiola team. Perhaps, this is really the main contender for the victory in the Champions League. However, the Swiss did not abandon the choppers either, struggling to score at least one goal: in particular, Elyunussi had a great chance – Ederson pulled out a heavy ball after his strike. Spectators after the break saw an open football with a lot of dangerous moments.
Not scored in the group stage Gundogan issued a double, and after 20 minutes could become the author of a hat trick. Aguero did everything for the goal of the German midfielder, but Vatslik finally saved Basel. Meanwhile, Guardiola released on substitutions Leroy Zane and David Silva , who missed some time and should improve the form. The situation allowed to send early on vacation De Breuin. Ahead of the “Man City” heavier matches. Once the leader of the Premier League should feel that the real Champions League has begun.

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