Success and passion !


Since the broadcast of Marimar, the interest of tv viewers in Reunion island for the telenovelas growing up. A very large audience, which, in addition to soap operas on the Spanish-speaking, is passionate about series indian, african, and asian.

October 2001. Every night of the week, from 18 hours,
The Meeting stops. All Reunion, at the least, a large part of them settled in front of RFO for an appointment television that they wouldn’t miss for anything in the world : Marimar. The story of this young poor girl who falls in love with Sergio, a boy rich has been passionate about the island. “At the time, if you called me at this hour, but I didn’t answer,” recalls Josianne, 56 years old. It is not the only one. Viewers previously used to american series to the rose water as the West Coast, discovering a whole new genre, the telenovela. Overall, the themes are similar : impossible love, revenge, betrayal…

However, the mexican soap opera does not have the same echo. The phenomenon is becoming so widespread that the ethnologist Eliane Wolff devotes a research study which reveals, among other things, that a strong identification, explained this success. “The characters mixed, sets and familiar landscapes, practices, magico-religious loved ones from those that are practiced here, a band-his songs and appreciated and deal with themes that are in deep resonance with the lived experience and expectations of viewers in reunion island,” she wrote. Also, and more importantly, the plot in itself. All fans vibrate with Marimar, when his love story with Sergio eventually triumph. “It was obvious that this was going to end like that. We had guessed it from the beginning. All the same, that is what I was happy to see them finally together!” if enthusiasm still Jeannette, the fifties who has passion for this type of program.

However, the quality of the soap opera, like that of all of the first telenovelas that are broadcast on the local channels, leaves much to be desired. Acting exaggerated, decor kitch, dubbed so poorly made that the female characters sometimes find themselves burdened with a deep voice, vaguely male. Details that do not escape, obviously not to the viewers. They laugh the same, but this does not affect their enthusiasm. When Thalia, the actress who embodies Marimar, returns to the screens in the skin of Rosalinda, they are still at the rendezvous. Since then, they remain faithful to the serials of the genre. Muñeca Brava, Rubi, Flower of the Caribbean, in The heart of sin, Avenida Brasil, El Diablo, most recently, Land of passion, or even Cosita Linda. What they love so much ? The characters to whom everyone can identify, decorations that provide an escape to other countries, of actresses and actors who wear chic, a plot available which is easy to follow even if you miss episodes…

Alexis, one of the founders of the group, Facebook News, Telenovelas EN, goes even further. “In our time, it’s quite beautiful to dream of a love that withstands any obstacles. Also, the fact that the wicked are always punished in the end, there is a certain morality to the final, as in fables or fairy tales”, analysis-t-it. Gabrielle, age 25, speaks of the side core. In the third class when Muñeca Brava was a hit, it stings a sprint at the end of the course to ensure to be in front of his office at the time that starts the generic. “It was a strong point of the day that I could not miss. It had become a rendezvous of the daughters of the family. At school we talked about it between girlfriends. At the time of Rosalinda, one rejouait the scenes with my cousins. As I was older, I thought the main role “, has fun, does it.

channels, which include that they are a great way to make the audience, a prominent place is accorded to these soap operas in their programming schedules. They even open their doors to a series of indian to ride the trend in bollywood but also in fiction philippines, and more recently, angola. Whether it is Meeting the 1st or in Antenna Meeting, each year, between five and six new series are released. Programs selected with care to ensure the loyalty of their audience. “We have access to the best catalogs such as Globo, Telemundo, or Zee TV. We hope that our offer is consistent with the diversity of the company on reunion island. In general, one relies on the success of the series in the countries of origin, which can be a good indicator,” says Nicolas Delacroix, director of the antenna of the private channel. The strategy adopted by its rival, Benjamin Morel, who also wears special attention to the topics developed so that they are “in line with our public”. The programming director Meeting 1st, recognizes a selection “more arbitrary” which is to show a sample of his collaborators fond of this type of programs asking for their opinion. In order to gather the largest number of viewers, everyone has his own tactics. On the side of the public channel dramas are broadcast before the news of this afternoon and evening but also in the early afternoon. Three episodes of Land of the passions, involving “an audience that is more captive who remains in the home, therefore more likely to stay long, go
in the plot, while for the other two schedules, one is on an episode or two with a wider audience, and not a fan,” says Benjamin Morel. In Antenna Meeting, each kind fits in a slot. “The expectations of the midi are not the same as those of the evening, so it was time to adapt,” says Nicolas Delacroix. Choices pay for one and the other, if we trust the figures that they move. “It was found that the series aired before the JT du midi can exceed 50% of audience share,” says Nicolas Delacroix. At this time, it is Vidya that fascinates its viewers. Benjamin Morel remembers “the huge success of” Avenida Brasil, programmed to 18h from Monday to Friday, with 20% audience share, whereas the average on this same niche is 16%. “Some series work better than the sagas of france. This is what we found with The Colors of freedom that much more pleased that The house of Rocheville,” he added. A success that he describes in particular for the efforts by the creators and producers of soap operas.

images – and a dubbing ! – the best quality, intrigues more worked of the themes larger, more urban, more grounded in the reality of the viewers, and, with the arrival on the market of a series of african and asian cultural diversity. So many elements that show that the interest in these serials do not weaken. Better, they managed to stir very wide. Contrary to the clichés, homemakers are not the only followers. Similarly, these fictions do not attract the classes so-called popular. “Regardless of the social class, everyone found there. It is very mixed,” says Nicolas Delacroix. A wider audience but also more shrewd and sharp, which keeps abreast of new developments. Jason is a part of it. At 21 years, the Reunion has founded the group Facebook News Telenovelas EN with two friends, Alexis and even so, laurène. At the beginning, the page is devoted to The house next door. Over time, the discussions expanded and are now focusing on the universe of telenovelas in general. Three years after its creation, it accounts for more than 13,000 fans of the overseas departments and metropolitan france but also in Haiti, Venuzvuela and Mexico. Photos, videos, gossip, outing, French, hearings, news of the actors are very widely shared and “like” it. Alexis, who resides in Gadeloupe, and Jason spend a good part of their time to feed Actus Telenovelas EN. “We check the accuracy of our information, it selects those that are most likely to be of interest to those who follow us. Before, we had some difficulties to find, now we have our references,” says Alexis. “We are still also listening to the questions of our fans,” says Jason. An expert on the subject, as soon as he had the chance, he watches the series in the original version, the better to enjoy. “Unfortunately, some are unavailable at The Meeting because the production companies block access for reasons of geographical area, but sometimes fans post episodes on our Facebook. According to my course, I am also those which are made available on Meeting 1st and Antenna Assembly,” he adds. He and his friend, introduced to the genre thanks to Marimar, explain that their passion has led them further. Watch these soap operas has led to an interest in Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures : Jason is studying Spanish. Alexis holds a Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language (DELE). These two boys who bathe in this universe do harm to the plates. “Yes, it was right to remarks unpleasant”, complain they. Neither the one nor the other does not pay attention to it. “When you have a passion, it defends until the end”.

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