“Star Wars”: Rian Johnson spends his time justifying himself on “The Last Jedi”

“Star Wars”: Rian Johnson spends his time justifying himself on
 “The Last Jedi”

Mark Hamill takes over the role of Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. – DISNEY / LUCASFILM
Rian Johnson, the director of Latest Jedi , is he living a bad remake of The People versus George Lucas , the documentary that was interested in the love-hate relationship between the creator of Star Wars and his fans? Indeed, he is under the fire of critics, fans, trolls and even Mark Hamill. “It’s not my Luke” the actor confided before changing his mind, as fans scream at the betrayal of the saga, mythology and characters. But the filmmaker does not disassemble, and for a month, takes the time to answer point by point to the subjects who angry.

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Luke Skywalker is dead. Oh yes, sorry, spoiler ! Or more exactly, it disappears. Well I think. “I do not want to be too explicit,” says Rian Johnson in an interview at The Huffington Post . I like people to have their own interpretations. But what he does in the end is to literally get rid of everything. This is the final act to enter the legend. This brings us back to the beginning of the film when he says, “What do you think a man with a lightsaber can do?” The answer is: “create a legend and spread hope”. Once it’s done, you can not do anything more powerful, especially physically. So you leave this world, to join another. ”

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The previous episode, The force awakens , was originally from Rey, new heroine of the saga and Jedi in the making, one of the engines and mysteries of this trilogy. Who are his parents ? Fans have multiplied theories, tried to hang up the cars, making Rey in turn the daughter of Luke, Obi-Wan Kenobi or the descendants of the Emperor, etc. The Last Jedi therefore had to give a satisfactory answer, and made a risky choice: she is not the daughter of anyone.

“Fortunately, no one handed me a piece of paper that told me, here, Rey’s parents are so-and-so,” says the filmmaker on the American site Slashfilm . I had the freedom to find the best, most tragic answer. And he chose to play the mirror effect with the stage of The Empire counterattack where Luke learns that Darth Vader is his father, which, according to him, is the most difficult answer to expect. “If Rey had hinted at who her parents were, where she was in the world, it would have been too easy. There, her past does not define it, she must stand on two legs and trace her way, write her own story. ”

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As a direct result of this revelation, Rian Johnson has recaptured the Force, which is no longer manifested only in Jedi descendants, but more or less in anyone. Whether Rey or an orphan of the planet Canto Bight. Hoping they do not all rock the Dark Side. But above all the Force finds new expressions in The Last Jedi , such as the astral projection of Luke, the connection between Rey and Kylo, ​​and especially the small trip in the space of Leia.

It’s not just about pebbles anymore, and some fans have creaked their teeth. Rian Johnson says at LA Times that he only drew inspiration from the end of The Empire counterattack and the connection between Luke and Darth Vader, and pushing him further, or even far for the distance fight between Luke and Kylo: “We tried to play fair play, you do not hear, nor see Luke’s footsteps in the salt desert, as you see those of Kylo “.

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All that for this ? Presented as the big villain of the trilogy, the Emperor’s even more powerful counterpart, Snoke will finally have appeared in a handful of scenes in The force awakens to better get killed like a blue by Kylo in The Last Jedi . The fans did not hide their frustration, Snoke being the subject of the greatest number of theories carried by the hair.

The director justified himself during a question-and-answer at the BAFTA ceremony “I realized that if I paused for thirty seconds on one of the scenes for Snoke to explain who he was, it would have broken the rhythm of the scene in question. Even if it’s something that would have interested the audience, it was dramatically out of place in the movie. It was also a way for him not to reproduce the emperor-apprentice model of the original trilogy, and more simply to make a clean sweep of the past. But Rian Johnson does not rule out that J.J. Abrams, back behind the camera for Episode IX, can come back, one way or another.

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