Stairs freely Gemeindebücherei

Beendorf l “Nine months, as long as takes to become pregnant, we have to wait, that we could go to the local library again. Today is the day, “says Martina Westermann would be.

Page rise redeveloped

The completion Dorfer Gemeindebücherei whose volunteer tutor it is, was since December 15 last year, was no longer available because the staircase at the side entrance of the town hall had to be reorganized. Now the new, attractive levels and the railings are installed. Under the stairs is even some space for protected storage of rollators the older generation.

The Monday Women, a group of creative Been Dorfer interior, had since been established in Beendorf shop and tinkered for months, painted and crocheted. “But that was very close to the time,” says Monika Hulshoff, because for crafting you need but some space. Therefore last images were painted – for reasons which Monika Hulshoff had even mapped


  •  Martina Wiemer presented some of their stories and poems on walls and mobile work Monday women hung Photo: Carina bosses

    Martina Wiemer presented some of their stories and poems. On walls and mobiles hanging work Monday women. Photo: Carina bosses

  •  The new staircase to the library is completed. Photo: Carina bosses

    The new stairway to the library is completed. Photo: Carina bosses

“It looked cozy, if you were shopping in the store,” says a regular customer. Comfortable already, but also tight, so Martina Westermann.

Skilful work

They decorate the walls at the opening in the back room. Other handicrafts hanging on mobiles anywhere in the spaces distributed. Visitors to the small opening for the reopening are amazed what can be developed under the skillful hands of women.

Instead of coffee and cakes are hearty appetizers and glasses of champagne, wine, juice or beer. Martina Wiemer, writing colleague Monika Hülshoff in writing circle of Haldensleber Kulturfabrik, was welcome and again in the middle some of her short stories and poems.

For Christmas the Monday women had used the library for the last time before the community it had made to demolish the stairs including railings and replaced.

Much to the delight of all helpers have come many guests from the village to the rededication. That would be the organizers of course very, especially since they always seek using the Monday Women also matter into importing cultural life in the village. The interest group of the People’s Solidarity could, thanks to the women develop and will be well received.

Books sorted

The library can now be used on a regular basis again. Literature for children, adolescents and adults is just waiting to be borrowed and read.

Some books held by the library has just rejected Martina Westermann. They can be purchased for very little money, which is used to purchase new books. Some Completed villages have already expressed their interest to try to sift through the own resources in support of the library to home to make room for new. That would bring the library further reading resources. “Given but I need once again a bit more space,” the supervisor asks for your patience.

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