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Sources: Who will be the replacements of the ministers who resigned from the Government Tudose


several names have been proposed in the meeting of the Executive Committee of the PSD to enter into the Government Tudose, following a shuffle: Marcel Ciolacu at the Ministry of Regional Development, while Gabriel Vlase was proposed for the Transport. Ciolacu is already deputy prime minister without portfolio in the Government, while Vlase would reach the prime minister, after the negotiations for the last two governments, it was always presented as an option for the Defence portfolio
Offered with a function of the minister and ex-prime minister Sorin Grindeanu. Political sources have told “the Truth” that the attempt to attract his Grindeanu in the team Tudose was still trying Wednesday morning. The function proposed: the minister of Regional Development. From this there has been no concrete response. Contacted to confirm the proposal of the team Tudose, Grindeanu emphasize Wednesday that he wants to stay “away from the volcano at the Bucharest” and that you do not refute or confirm if she was offered a place by the minister.
Later, the Reality TV presented the fact that his Grindeanu would be proposed to the European Funds, but he refused.
the final Decision in regards to the three new ministers will be taken at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the PSD Friday, which will start at 12.00.

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