So the PP raising money, according to “Money junky”

Thursday, September 8, 2016 – 18:53 CEST

Mark Benavent, the “repentant” who allegedly black money counted by the president of the Provincial Council of Valencia Alfonso Rus in a recording of the ‘case IMELSA’ , has reappeared in court like talking. At the gates of the City of Justice, the self-styled “junky money” explained that he collected for the PP cash amounts of “commissions” of successful tenderers for the popular administration that belonged to the “famous 3% or 2% worldwide, “. “This, the same”, has slipped Benavent making a parallel with the ‘case 3%’ splashing the old Convergència.

According Benavent, he distributed the money in restaurants, cars and even in offices City Council ruling Rita Barberá , including that of the Councillor for Culture María José Alcón, one of the main defendants in the case and who had a very close relationship. According to the account of the former manager of the public company IMELSA, the distribution of tickets were also made on the premises of the Provincial Council of Valencia.

Deliveries are always made in cash. “Sure, there will be bills,” he ironized Benavent, who has also assured that in the Valencian PP “had box B everywhere” and that drove those who “were in the game,” without going to realize Name (s. The commissions were within the “establishment” were “missing” and “generated” at the request of the leaders of the party. “I took the money and the people who ran the party made their payments in A and B,” said Benavent, who has admitted he was “some” bites, without specifying what percentage.


Although Benavent said know if Barberá knew did not exist or case b because it just had to do with it, yes seems “logical” that the exalcaldesa he was charged in the case , being party leader. According to him, also Vicente Betoret, who was the vice president of the PP in Valencia with Rus and currently holds the presidency and regional deputy, “was in the kitchen of many things.”

Benavent said Thursday as accused for more than two hours before the Court of Instruction No. 18 by the separate ‘case IMELSA’ piece on hiring assumptions employees “zombies” charged without going to work, public company IMELSA. There are 20 defendants in this piece, including Alfonso Rus, declaring this Friday it.

among the personnel included in payroll IMELSA, there was a player football Olimpic Xativa, presiding Rus. IMELSA also paid the salaries of employees working in other private companies. Benavent explained that irregular contracts by IMELSA sent them to especially Rus and Emilio Llopis (former chief of staff Rus) as “personal favors”.

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