Smoking in front of high schools: a “major flaw” of security, according to principals

L are crowds of smokers students before schools are “a major flaw” of the safety device passed this summer in response to the risk of attacks, according to the personal union direction, which criticizes the prohibition of establishing provisional smoking areas in high schools.

“This question irritated many colleagues” and “is symptomatic of non-decision” in the Ministry of Education, said Thursday Philippe Tournier, national secretary of SNPDEN first union of heads of establishment.

The union will enter the parliamentary groups for a temporary derogation from the Evin Law – which bans smoking in schools. – During the state of emergency

the Evin law primarily

After the attacks of 13 November, the Ministry allowed the schools to allow students to smoke during breaks in dedicated areas, “of specific areas, “ to prevent their flock on the sidewalks.

But anti-smoking groups have challenged the decision and the administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise (Val d’Oise) suspended the decision of a principal of Courbevoie (north of Paris) d allow students to smoke in the courtyard.

The Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem repeated late August that nobody should deviate from the Evin Law despite the constraints of securing schools.

A big risk taking?

“Evin law was changed yet for winemakers”, got upset Philippe Tournier, referring to a relaxation of regulations on the alcohol advertising in June 2015.

“today there is an emergency. Everyone can see what we can do with a van” on which foncerait a crowd of students , said the union leader.

“the only effective way” to fight against this threat is the introduction of smoking areas within establishments, because “it n is not possible, from a moral point of view to take such a risk. ”

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