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Sant Jordi + Call = Messi and Ronaldo mouth-to-mouth on the walls of Barcelona

Sant Jordi + Call = Messi and Ronaldo mouth-to-mouth on the walls of Barcelona

A graffiti showing the argentine footballer Lionel Messi kissing the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo was all the rage Friday in Barcelona, two days of the match between Barça and Real Madrid, which is crucial for the classification of the Spanish championship.

The work was painted on a bus shelter in full centre of Barcelona by street artist Italian Tvboy, taking advantage of the coincidence of date between the meeting between the two historic clubs of Spanish, being the 33rd day of la Liga, and the Sant Jordi festival in the Catalan of the Book and the Rose, ode to love, which drop every two Sunday.

there are the two stars, rival on the ground, twined together and kissing each other tenderly, a soccer ball at their feet. Messi, on tip-toe to embrace Ronaldo, bigger, holding a rose in his hands. Many tourists were taking Friday’s photos of the work, also commented on the social networks and in the press. the “I looked for a message of hope and optimism. With all the clashes there has been in the world of football, between the fans, I wanted to say ‘it is necessary to take all of this with quiet irony’. The sport, that must be fun”, explained the artist. “Messi and Cristiano are rivals, I know that ever they did would embrace. But art must represent an ideal world, to surprise, to cause“, he added.

Tvboy, whose real first name is Salvatore, is a Milanese original, installed for 13 years in Barcelona, which he uses some of the streets as a gallery item It was already painted Messi in Messiah, but also pope Francis as Superman, Pablo Picasso, such as the character of the Pokémon Pikachu, Vincent Van Gogh in “hipster” or Salvador Dali in the artist.

During the last election campaign, the united states, the artist had drawn a kiss between the republican candidate and now president of Donald Trump and his rival democrat Hillary Clinton, ushering in the series “Love is blind”, to which belongs also the hug between Ronaldo and Messi.

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