Salvatore Lauricella explores Unlimited Consciousness with the Absolute Connection

Initiated by Salvatore Lauricella, Absolute Connection is here Vibra-Knowledge which allows one to explore the Unlimited Consciousness, to live the spiritual awakening, the fullness of life in the perception of the Self. Based on the foundation of our True Essence and the logic of the subconscious, this book allows us to discover, to flourish by seizing the secret of Existence.

Absolute Connection: a therapy Superconscious vibrational!

Salvatore Lauricella Explores Unlimited Consciousness
Salvatore Lauricella

Trained as a trainer who has already given many sessions of therapies, Salvatore Lauricella has developed the means that gives access to the Infinite Consciousness to live the breadth of life in an incredible perspective.

Indeed, Salvatore has dedicated himself to the exploration of Consciousness in order to give access to spiritual awakening and personal fulfillment. Knowing that in this world secrets are divulged sparingly, Salvatore has chosen to reveal everything in order to allow everyone to have everything Power over his life without the need for guidance from anyone.

If the contents of this book relate author’s experiences on the exploration of the profound nature of the ego, the writing also reveals everything about your true identity and your true greatness. You will perceive, everything else, life and yourself after having read this book, received a session at a distance or attended the seminars proposed by Salvatore; joy, harmony and unity will be the key words in your daily life.

The Power of your infinite Reality: for a fulfilling life !

AT Salvatore Lauricella Explores Unlimited Consciousness Many people are desperate to access this dimension of enlightenment by venturing into all sorts of practices. And if pessimistic people often define happiness as ephemeral, this finding is belied by The Absolute Connection . Indeed, the inestimable Truth developed in this book offers a practice of intense Vibration, a new art of living that will allow you once and for all to access the happiness, the Self, so long inaccessible.

Based on the deep exploration of Consciousness, Absolute Connection reveals the secrets of a fulfilling life by discovering the infinite greatness and unlimited potential you already have! That said, it is a supra-conscious therapy that allows you to tap into yourself, to learn to capture beyond appearances, your boundless strength and love, where your Reality is, to succeed in every moment of your life.

Knowledge and introspection of your True Nature will bring harmony, fullness, fulfillment to discover on !

A seminar of discovery and training in practice
Vibrational sessions are planned:
At SPRING 2018 in Toulouse. (More information will be available soon on the site) Salvatore offers remote vibration sessions: either individual sessions of Absolute Connection, or individual or group sessions of Care.
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