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Rudnevs falls as the fourth starting players from: FC with thinned squad to Wolfsburg

Cologne –

As a year ago, meets the 1. FC Köln on this second Bundesliga Gameday again VfL Wolfsburg. Back then there were on home soil a 1:

in advance quite satisfied Competitive and punchy – 1, this time traveling in the VW City, would be a repeat of the result – the one achieved by the way in the second leg.

Especially since the same turn four regulars to Wolfsburg. After Timo Horn, Dominic Maroh and Konstantin Rausch had yesterday Artjoms Rudnevs cancel. The Latvian international striker had suffered a muscle strain while warming up for the World Cup qualifier in Andorra on Tuesday. It is nothing serious, but prevent it going worse, the attacker must pause, it said.

this is from the perspective of Peter Stöger no reason to blow tribulation. “We still have a competitive, strong team for the game,” he said and pointed out that they possess a balanced squad.

For the trip to Wolfsburg him yesterday were still 16 outfield players available. This is exactly that number, he can nominate for the encounter on the scoresheet. “Because I have to worry, whom I have the unpleasant news to that he can not ride,” said the Vienna slight gallows humor

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Besides Timo Horn, Dominic Maroh and Konstantin Rausch had now Artjoms Rudnevs cancel. Here wins the Alexander Milosevic by SV Darmstadt.

Focus on your strengths and on Torabschlüsse

Because of course he would have rather drawn from the solid, the choice is yours had. The he has now only with regard to the starting grid. As will be interesting to see whether he stays with the last preferred back four, or switch to the five chain with three central defenders Mergim Mavraj, Dominique Heintz and Frederik Sorensen.

“This is quite a variant with which we already were successful, “said Peter Stöger without leaving but look at the cards.

system Regardless it is a matter as possible dominant act to achieve more possession than the opponent. Because it resultiere that one is exposed to less risk of having to accept a goal. Secondly, should seek to play off their strengths. “Since we have some developed what we are doing quite well,” said Peter Stöger.

this certainly the out Games of chances, as was demonstrated in the season opener against SV Darmstadt. The flaw in this meeting was that only two of the ten scoring opportunities were used.

That’s why were in the last two weeks especially Torabschlüsse on the exercise program. As to the missed chances, so it helps nothing too much to worry about. Then you might cramp, said Leonardo Bittencourt. One must work quietly and concentrated, trying to make the right decisions. Often it is a matter himself to shoot or to play in a better position colleagues.

What is missing is a win in Wolfsburg

“If we are concentrated and callous front of the goal, we will use the opportunities are, “the offensive player. Anyway, it him optimistic that they have often done better and kept up in the preseason against the favored teams than against opponents from the lower half of the table. . “Even at 1: 1 in Wolfsburg, we have shown a strong game and could have won,” said Leonardo Bittencourt remembered

This also underlined his coach. The pointed out that they had always looked good in the four games after their return to the Champions League aspirants. In a 1: 2 defeat and three draws we had always been a worthy opponent. What lacked was a victory. Den there (it was a 3: 2) for the last time six and a half years ago – in Wolfsburg


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