Robots, drones and artificial intelligence featured: Relive the second day Vivatech

Vivatech, day 2. Until July 2, Paris is the world capital for startups that are 5,000, from around the world to present their projects in the premises of the Paris-Expo Porte de Versailles. An event organized by the Les Echos group Publicis.

It’s 7:15 p.m. end of this live Vivatech

it’s the end of the day to Vivatech. But rest assured, we come back tomorrow for the final day. Hoping to seeing you there if you do not follow it live! Enjoy an evening

To relive the best of the day Friday in the video.

7:10 p.m. a rollercoaster was tested in virtual reality (and we got a little queasy)

The PMU stand allows thrills in virtual reality. Our reporter tested the Anaëlle Grondin RollerBlaster … full of surprises.

7:05 p.m. “The French have a taste for innovation”

the director France and Western Europe Uber answered questions Guillaume Bregeras Echos on the Viva Technology Exhibition tray.

7:00 p.m. “robots can afford to focus on a more ambitious journalism”

Three questions for Joey Marburger, director of digital products to the Washington Post, after the conference “will the robots replace journalists in the future? “

6:53 p.m. Salvum We present you the app to learn the basics of first aid

Pierre Sabin, co-founder of the explanation, explains how it works.

6:51 p.m. “Connecting with innovative start-ups and inventing future services “

our journalists met on site Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer of L’Oréal.

Discover 6:28 p.m. test Tech Tilt Brush

Google brings 3D to the service of art with Tilt Brush. “Les Echos” tested it on the Viva Technology show.

5:44 p.m. “Airbnb makes me want to fight, it is a stimulant”

Sébastien Bazin, CEO of the hotel operator answered the questions of our journalist Solveig Godeluck.

Meanwhile 5:34 p.m. behind the scenes

journalists of are on all fronts to make you live event. The day is not over.

5:10 p.m. Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook) sent a message to participants

Find below the special message of the No. 2 Facebook Sheryl Sandberg to Viva Technology of participants.

4:40 p.m. robots they will eventually replace journalists?

the question was asked as part of a dedicated conference. Joey Marburger, head of digital products to the Washington Post, the answer is “yes.” But not for all (whew!). “This will serve to optimize certain tasks, those that require an automatic work, for example the results of matches or election as is done today already like that, journalists will more time to do real journalism precisely. ” For Claude Loupy, co-founder and CEO of Syllabs, who works with Le Monde and Le Parisien, journalists ask only try. And “the media industry is innovative”, contrary to what one might think

Where:. This page is not fed by a robot but a journalist in the flesh.

4:35 p.m. Do you agree with the New York Times?

A Viva Tech, Meagan Lopez, director of digital business in the New York Times, said: “people do everything on their mobile, raise their children or find a partner”

4:05 p.m. You missed the beginning? No panic

If you missed the launch of the first edition of VivaTech Thursday, you can relive the Francis Morel opening conference, Group CEO Les Echos, and Maurice Lévy CEO of Publicis Groupe.

4:01 p.m. Ballet drones

humanoid robots and Google Car is far from be the only stars of Viva Tech. It is possible to admire drone ballet in a dedicated arena. Some of them even sneak into the living room

3:54 p.m.. “Large groups, start-up: the key word is complementarity”

Bernard Salha, Director of R & amp; D at EDF, spoke at the microphone Alexander Counis, head of the high-tech service and media Echos

3:47 p.m. A taste of the weekend

Between conferences, drones, connected objects to be tested, the pitches start-ups and video interviews, it is also possible to relax a little at Viva Tech. Proof:

3:33 p.m. “We have to come to a single digital market in Europe”

our reporter Stephen Combs met Dominique Riquet, specialized MEP in transport, now at Viva Tech on Friday.

3:26 p.m. the language of Molière, difficult to master. .. even computers!

Watson, the artificial intelligence program developed by IBM, learning french, says David Kenny on stage, the project manager. Those who missed the French ferry because mistakes can breathe a “sigh” of relief. Language is so difficult to control that even artificial intelligence IBM has trouble with the subjunctive, recognizes its responsibility.

3:08 p.m. This Friday afternoon is AI!

After the overwhelming victory of Alpha Go (Google’s computer) in the Korean champion Go game this year, impossible not to be fascinated by artificial intelligence (AI). Conferences on the subject fascinated the public Viva Tech this afternoon.

2:45 p.m. Do you know the Janus Drone 360?

After testing the virtual reality headset PlayStation VR yesterday, our reporter Stephen Combs tries currently in the helmet Janus Viva Tech Drone 360. His impressions coming on

2:38 p.m. But that want the “millenials”?

At the conference “How happy can producteurs target millenials? “(” How can producers targeting Generation Y? “), It is a small discrepancy between Chloe Sabban, patron saint of Scouts and Alexandre Michelin, director Spicee Media. The first think there is so much quality on the Internet that “millenials” wonder why they should pay. Michelin considers him that there is a ready niche pay for quality and exclusivity. From his side, Judith Andres (ESSEC) believes that we should not consider that it is too late.

Meanwhile, robots invade the living room. They attend the same conferences as it.

2:18 p.m. And the grand prize “Publicis 90” goes to …

.. . the young shoot Emerald Medical Application which seeks to detect skin cancer through an “app”. the start-up walks away with € 500,000. to blow his 90th birthday, the group has selected 90 young shoots come 30 countries. It is she who has the most satisfied.

1:54 p.m. must be “self-disrupter to invent the solutions of tomorrow,” says Amélie Oudéa -Castera (AXA)

One is never better served than by oneself, including in innovation. Amélie ora-Castera explains why.

1:45 p.m. 5,000 startups Vivatech, and me and me and me

The Vivatech show is Eric Schmidt (Alphabet), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), John Chambers (Cisco) or Tim Armstrong (AOL). But they are also a slew of promising start-ups, standard-bearers of the French Tech. Thursday afternoon, Konect Way, a young nugget Lille, won the $ 1.5 million awarded by France Digitale.

In the evening, EDF also paid 100,000 euros to three young shoots – Ecoisme, Biomodex and Kara. – as part of the third edition of its price Pulse

and many other startups are also found in Vivatech until Saturday night.

1:25 p.m. the autonomous car in the center of the news and in the heart of Vivatech

There is much talk of autonomous car these days. Thursday, Tesla announced that US authorities had opened an investigation after the fatal crash of one of its electric cars, equipped with Autopilot, the system that allows the vehicle to self-drive or perform maneuvers independently.

an event that raises a lot of questions as pressure mounts on the use of private cars in urban areas and that autonomous vehicles are among the avenues explored, as well as the VTC, car sharing or renting between people.

Vivatech the side of the Google Car is the star of the show. Thursday afternoon, Francois Hollande, himself, was presented with this model by Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman of Alphabet) during his visit to the salon. This Friday, the autonomous car is also the subject of the conference of the Chinese Baidu whose CEO talks about his projects in the area.

1:14 p.m. Ivan Poupyrev (responsible Jacquard project at Google) talked about textile connected

“textiles is the object connected to the future,” said Ivan Poupyrev. More details in the video just below:

Soon 13h, time conducive to digestion

in VivaTech lounge, lunch did not look bad. But now it appears that a sudden fatigue invaded the Expo Park Porte de Versailles. Time Is digestion?

24:45 The Tech test “Candy Voice”

Jean-Luc Crebouw present, live lounge VivaTech, its software “Candy voice” which lets you play the voice.

12:35 Say dad, do July c is the summer?

is when you see bad weather (for summer) that lasts for several weeks, you feel like you take and to presenters presenting weather? Go try your luck, you will see if the sun is the tip of her nose.

12:30 Is streaming can save music?

Olivier Nusse, general manager of Universal Music France, “the streaming is a fantastic opportunity for people to discover talent.” But “if people stop paying for music, the music industry will die, “he alert.

24:25 Pause football

They ‘m immersed in start-up of the universe represented at the show VivaTech, some are preparing for the final quarter (Euro 2016) Sunday night between France and Iceland. “Think Bigger”.

12:10 interview lunch tray

Marina Alcaraz interviewed Fretti Alexander, CEO of Webhelp. He believes that “in 10 to 15 years 3 to 10% of the acts may be dematerialized and managed by robots.”

12h Tech test lunch

Etienne Combier, which is live lounge VivaTech, tested the new Lenovo smartphone which integrates augmented reality.

11:45 Pay, it’s cool or it’s not cool?

Pieter van der Does, co-founder and CEO of Adyen, the company’s payment solutions online , believes that “for payment, the invisible is cool.” “When you take a Uber, you do not even have the impression to pay,” he complete.

11:35 When Facebook “match” with Meetic

“to develop our initiatives in all countries, we have to find the right partners.” Here’s what Facebook says Maurice Levy, CEO of Publicis. in France, the network social had found his partner since apparently had a “match” with Meetic.

11:15 the guest of Les Echos this morning is Robert Vassoyan, President of Cisco France

“I see France as a champion of R & amp; D,” says Robert Vassoyan, which was “invited Echoes” live from the fair VivaTech at Porte de Versailles.

11:10 They are not very big, all white, and very seductive

Thursday the Google car had coast with fair visitors VivaTech. Although she always attracts, it seems that small all white men are trying to steal the show.

11h What? Horse racing at VivaTech?

VivaTech the living room, there is something for everyone. Virtual reality, Google Car … there are even robots that meet you. And for those who devote a certain passion for riding, stand PMU attracts many curious.

and for the more energetic of them ….

10:45 Does the media-invest in technology?

Zohar Dayan, co-founder and head of the Wibbitz company offering to summarize an article on video or audio in seconds returns to the first obstacles to its launch five years ago, when he had to convince publishers. “They told us why do we need this? Now they understand, “he said.

Now there is also the editorial and the editors who” still believe that automation and new technology tools will sting them their job. What we propose is only to make their work more relevant, “adds Zohar Dayan.

10:25 Have you seen …

… a robot dance to Get Lucky Daft Punk. “We’ve come too far. to give up Who we are ….”

… a robot swimming in an aquarium. Please do not throw it in the toilet by cons.

10:10 And if we made a point on guests

We would have given you a comprehensive list of guests, but with 5,000 startups present at the show VivaTech, this may take place.

Alternatively, below you find our slide show guests

What to see:. Vivatech: guests

9:45 Paris, the European capital

Thursday, there were beautiful people in the aisles VivaTech. Many of them were very appreciative towards Paris, the host city of the événement.f

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google and current Executive Chairman of Alphabet, said he wanted to invest more in France, and also felt that “more start-ups” in our country “must deregulate to encourage entrepreneurship.” He said it is necessary “to create more digital services in Europe will accompany large groups”

Read also:. Relive our live Vivatech, lounge global start-ups

hope for France so. Especially when John Chambers, Cisco’s boss, says that Paris can “become the European capital of start-ups.”

But Paris will face strong competition. In First, the Silicon Valley. on the other hand, bet the contractor Fahd Al Rasheed, CEO of King Abdullah Economic city, the ultra-modern city.

Read also: An air of Silicon Valley floats on the Porte de Versailles in Paris

9:30 VivaTech, it continues

After a day Thursday, VivaTech show is gone. Our journalists are once again on site for you to experience the event closer.

Best of 9:18 Thursday

Thursday, you have not been able to follow the opening day of the global event startups taking place currently in Paris? to catch up before the second day of VivaTech, here are the best moments with this best-of.

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