Rio 2016. A team of refugees, is it a good idea?

This is a first: among the delegations present at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games face a team of refugees, whose stories are often shocking. Thus says The Independent , the Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini almost died in the Mediterranean, after taking place in an overloaded boat. When he started to sink, she threw herself into the water with her sister and swam several kilometers while pushing the boat to shore.

Obviously, the establishment of this team is very symbolic and reminds us that “potential or the next Steve Jobs Usain Bolt may be languishing right now in a refugee camp, “ says a columnist for the British newspaper.

But it also poses several problems. The first is that the experience may soon be forgotten once the Games are over. However, “millions of people continue to take enormous risks to reach Europe by land or sea.” For the most part, they also have painful stories to tell and a terrible journey traumatic. And for the most part they are not intended to “win gold medals. As most people are not destined to win gold medals, period “

And this is the second criticism of the editorial: “. refugees are not there to bring us exciting stories “ and allow us to congratulate us on ” the huge reservoir of opportunities offered by the Western world. […] We are facing a humanitarian crisis, not facing a hearing to “Britain’s Got Talent” [the equivalent of “La France a un incroyable talent”]. “

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