Revolution tax increases the bill to maintenance


Pay contributions at the minimum wage level, i.e. at the full-time, while working part-time. This is the case for all building managers and of the persons who do the cleaning in the blocks, if you don’t have another contract of employment. There are thousands of people in this situation, across the country, claims the Federation of Homeowners Associations from Romania (FAPR). For them, the employers, i.e. housing associations, will have to bear the additional cost, according to the new amendments to the fiscal revolution adopted by the Government last week.

“tax Measures affecting individuals who perform the work of the caretaker building are employed with contract of employment part-time, but who do not have other income or are not retired. The order of magnitude of these people is thousands of people in the country”, says Radu Opaina, the president of the FAPR.

“they put Us all in a fog. I don’t know how it will come out. It is not normal to work 2 hours or 4 hours per day and to pay contributions 100%. If we don’t join those from Victoria Square, I was against the outputs in the street, but I see that no longer can. I’d go out Sunday by Sunday,” he confesses and a manager of a block of Sector 4.

Convey the costs in invoices

To cover the additional costs, housing associations could decide to increase the bills.

For example, a cleaning woman from a block that works 2 hours per day may not receive a lower salary of 475 lei gross. But she must pay contributions at the minimum wage level, which means 665 lei. If the state would have left the employee to pay this money, the service not only would not have received any money in hand, but would have had to bring from home 190 lei. However, according to the provisions adopted last week, the service will bear the contributions proportional to salary, respectively 167 lei. The difference of 498 lei will bear the employer, i.e. the housing association.

These money in addition to the state could be covered such associations by increasing the tax administration and housekeeping, which will feel directly in the bills of the romanians. Radu Opaina claims that some associations have increased expenses with maintenance, but to an extent relatively small, up to 5%. At the same time, you may get to waive the services of the employees.

the tax Consultant Adrian Bența warn on this problem since November last year, before entering in force the fiscal revolution. “How much does a tenants’ association woman of service? I refer to the case in which it’s framed with the contract of employment. For example, the us crude is around 350 – 400 lei. That if you remain aberration with the basis for calculating the insurance to the minimum wage, our lady of the block comes with money back home. And leaving and not coming”, said the consultant to have the weather on his account of Facebook.

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