Return of the Tomato. Why is the third gold of Sean White – this very cool

Return of the Tomato.  Why is the third gold of Sean White – this
 very cool

OLYMPIAD-2018 . Snowboard
Great American snowboarder Shaun White nicknamed “Flying Tomato” won the third gold Olympics in a career in halfpipe, proving that among the riders there were no equal, there is not, and will not be
Snowboard. Pyeongchang (Korea). XXIII Olympic Winter Games. The men. Half-pipe. The final 1. Shaun White (USA) – 97.75 2. Ayumu Hirano (Japan) – 95.25 3. Scott James (Australia) – 92.00 4. Ben Ferguson (USA) – 90.75 5. Patrick Burgener (Switzerland) – 89.75 6. Chase Josie (USA) – 88,00
Snowboard. The men. Half-pipe. Photo “SE”

What White did in Pyeongchang, as well as in his outstanding career and a vibrant life. 10 facts in the collection “SE”
1) Became the most titled in his sport

The gold medal of the Olympics-2018 in the discipline of halfpipe became for White the third in his career. The 31-year-old native of San Diego was the best in Turin-2006 and Vancouver-2010. At both Olympics he set world records, and in 2010 he surpassed his own scores. Four years later in Sochi, he came as a clear favorite, but made mistakes in each of the attempts and showed only the fourth result. Few believed that after four years, White would return to the Games, but that was exactly what happened.
He perfectly fulfilled his attempts, and when he heard the points and realized that he was once again the Olympic champion, he burst into tears. White eventually became the most titled snowboarder in history. Now he legally can be considered a legend not only of his discipline, but also of world sports.
2) The USA brought the hundredth medal of the Winter Olympics

gold medal White in Pyeongchang can be considered special because it became the 100th for the United States in the history of the Winter Olympics. Americans rank second in the amount of gold won at the Winter Games. The Norwegians are leading with 121 medals. In third place Germans – 84. In the asset of the Russians 49 medals and the eighth result. Domestic athletes, in addition to the troika, are better than Canada, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland.
3) At the moment, Sean – 13-time champion X-Games
In addition to the Olympic Games, Sean is a multiple winner, perhaps even more prestigious for snowboarding competitions – X-Games. These are annual commercial launches for extreme sports. Their winner is also considered the best in the world in his discipline. White won the gold medals of these competitions 13 times from 2003 to 2013, almost regularly winning superpipe and slopestyle – two snowboard disciplines. He also has 3 silver and 2 bronze medals for X-Games.
4) Overcome everything on the way to Pyeongchang

Shaun White until the last moment could remain out of the application for their fourth Olympic Games. The fact is that in October during training he was seriously injured. He had severe cuts on the nose, a dissection of the upper lip and a bruise of the lungs. In total, the doctors imposed 62 seams on him. Ji Ji Thomas , coach White, estimated the chances of his ward to return to the Olympics in 50 percent. Only on January 14 the American was able to qualify for the Olympics, having won at the stage of U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix in halfpipe.
5) Overcome everything on the way to snowboarding

After the birth of Sean, there could be no question of any Olympics. Doctors put the baby a heart disease. The situation was corrected by two operations carried over in childhood. The doctors at a California hospital did their job so professionally that at the age of five, Sean was already healthy and was able to play sports.
6) I went upstairs thanks to my parents
On the board, Sean got up at six. He skated every day with his older brother and at times – with parents, big fans of this sport. The father and mother allowed the son to train instead of the lessons at school, which caused discontent from the teachers. Parents believed that with the help of the board, Shawn could earn his own bread, and were right. Now he is one of the richest sportsmen in the world and makes millions of dollars in advertising. Already at the age of 16, Sean bought his parents a house on the coast near San Diego, so that their hopes were met with a margin.
7) Remains versatile athlete

Best Snowboarder Shaun White not only rolls on the board in the snow. He is also successful in skateboarding. In particular, he won two summer X-Games in this form. In 2011, he became the only one who won both the winter and summer championship in one season.
8) Is able to relax
Shaun White does not always behave roughly. In 2012, he was detained by police for a rowdy at the Nashville Hotel. He was charged with vandalism and appearing in a public place in a state of intoxication. White turned on the fire alarm signal, provoking the evacuation of the entire hotel, broke the phone, and then fought with one of the guests. During the fight, he hit the fence and got a black eye. Arriving at the scene, the police detained an athlete who was drunk and refused to sign the summons to the court. White could face a prison sentence, but the person with whom he had a fight, refused to bring charges against him, so everything turned out.
9) Filmed a movie with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake

Shaun White due to its popularity became the face of snowboarding. His face can be found in a variety of games and films about this sport, and in 2011 he went to the world cinema screen. The athlete played himself in the movie “Sex on friendship” with the actors Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake . This finally confirmed him as a superstar.
10) Is a rock musician

Among other things Shaun White – musician. He is the guitarist of the American band Bad Things, playing indie rock. They began their journey in 2012, and in the summer of 2013 they signed a contract with Warner Bros.. Records. Together with Sean in the group, his longtime friends – those with whom he grew up in San Diego, as well as two new friends from Los Angeles, play. Sean started practicing guitar about 10 years ago. He was given it as a child as a trophy for winning at one of the competitions. For a long time she lay idle, until Sean was injured on one of the X-Games and decided not to do it. He fell in love with music almost as much as a snowboarder and now travels around the US with his band in his spare time.
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