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René Ered s'is off, the wine-growing côte d’azur in mourning


Former agronomy student, the patriarch of the district of Sausses has cultivated for decades had been a vineyard of 4 hectares is now shared between two of his sons, George and Denis.

Located on clay soil, well exposed and well-endowed in water, the vineyard Ered prolongs practices of the past such as the wine solarised said, “curled”, all on the lands where have been found remains of wine presses dating from the roman period.

Close to the nature before time, the deceased had also been very involved in the social life of his village, setting up at the beginning of the Thirty glorious years of cinema screenings, the first school canteen, the first leisure centre, but also the first community use of the headlights of the modern housewife of the late 50’s, the television and the washing machine.

On the family plan, success even in this he undertook, as he has brought up with his wife Danièle some thirteen children, five girls and eight boys.

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