Ratenon advocates the strategy of “contamination”


Social. Since last Thursday, and the beginning of the strike of the employees of Profiling – a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal located at the Port, no new meeting has taken place between the management and the employees. A plan of termination plans to remove 36 jobs on the 85 employed by the company. The strikers are ready to continue their movement until at least 21 February. It was on this date that the department of labour should give its opinion on the backup plan of employment submitted by the company.

The strikers are demanding a premium of dismissal “supra-legal” from 30 000 euros that would be paid without condition. It is just the opposite of their employer. Profiling is willing to pay a maximum of € 36,000. But to qualify, it also must bring proof of a CDD or CDI or even prove that one has created his own company. “We have never had any training to enhance our employability. A lot of people here are illiterate and do not know how to sell to a business,” says Jean-François Toupart, delegated trade union FO metals.

For de-mining the situation, the head of trade union representatives of ArcelorMittal France is currently at The Meeting. “We need to try to unblock the situation. While they are on strike, the buddies are not paid. I have already discussed with the HRD in france. Now I’m going to meet with the director of the company,” says Pascal Villain who believes that there are still margins of negotiation.

The strikers had the support of Huguette Bello. They received a visit, yesterday morning, the mayor of Port Olivier Hoarau and a few hours later Jean-Hugues Ratenon.

The mp has promised nothing to the strikers. He even recognized “does not control everything” folder. But he called for the “contamination” of the movement to other companies. In his eyes, the Profiling cases is a consequence “of the policy of Macron in the service of the employers.”

Valuing the strikers as an “example of disobedience”, he wants “the people rises”. “Everywhere it terminates, the communities do not want to hire more ! That is what we do ‘Is expected to be lying on the road’ Even the national Assembly people listen to us more ! Then, you need to go down in the street and there, we will listen. It should be a wake-up popular. We no longer have the choice”, said Jean-Hugues Ratenon which proposes to “give a hand” to organise this “great social movement” The Meeting “needs”.

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