Raphaël Hamburger, the (very) reserved son of France Gall and Michel Berger

Raphaël Hamburger, the (very) reserved son of France Gall and
 Michel Berger

Born on April 2, 1981, in Boulogne-Billancourt, Raphaël Hamburger benefited from good genetics: on one side, France Gall, his mother, superstar of the song (6.2 million records sold in France), the Michel Berger, his father and one of the greatest French songwriters. If the future musical producer has caught the virus of music at a very young age, the former press secretary of the couple, Grégoire Colard, reminds the microphone from BFM TV that “he suffered from the notoriety of his parents , because journalists are always there on the right and on the left. And this, despite France and Michel were very protective.

Raphaël studied at the Paris International Bilingual School and then at Fénelon Sainte-Marie High School, before becoming a sound engineer. That’s when he starts producing artists like Adrienne Pauly and Spleen. From then on, he will not stop the music anymore.

“He will not go on stage with a microphone”

Raphael Hamburger and his former companion, Cécile Cassel, aka Hollysiz. (Paris, 2013.)
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In 2009, he creates his own music label, Hamburger Records (Hamburger, which is his father’s real last name). He produced Cécile Cassel, aka HollySiz (half-sister of Vincent Cassel He will be a companion for some time. In 2012, he founded a second label, Chi-Fou-Mi Records, before launching a webradio in 2014, Radiooooo , with Benjamin Moreau, former DJ of Le Baron club.

His activities as a musical producer led him to participate in major projects in the cinema, between 2012 and 2015, in particular We York of Géraldine Nakache , Blood Ties Guillaume Canet, Grace of Monaco from Olivier Dahan, Eden from Mia Hansen-Love and Tomorrow it all starts of Hugo Gelin. In 2016, he created the musical atmosphere of Ritz , in Paris.

Raphaël Hamburger cultivates his place in the shadows, and in the age of the Internet and social networks, photos of him online are extremely rare. In 2015, his mother was talking about him Paris Match : “He has just bought a recording studio, he has created a radio, a record label, and supervises film music … He will not go on stage with a microphone, he is not looking for celebrity.”

The only Gall-Berger heir

Raphaël Hamburger and France Gall, at the funeral of Pauline Berger. (Paris, 1997.)

Despite the unwavering protection his mother , suffering is undeniably part of the life of Raphaël Hamburger. He was only 11 years old when his father died of a heart attack in Ramatuelle in 1992. Five years later, his older sister, Pauline, died at the age of 19, after a terrible fight against cystic fibrosis. Since January 7, 2018, Raphaël Hamburger is the only heir to the Gall-Berger catalog, after the death of his mother , France Gall, following a relapse of his cancer.

Daphne Bürki, journalist on France 2 and Europe 1, expressed his support to his childhood friend: “We lived in the same neighborhood in Paris when I was a child. I was in college with him and his sister Pauline for a few years. And I knew a great family, a family hyper generous, full of love. His father, his sister and now his mother are gone. So I’m thinking particularly of Raphael this morning. ”

Before his death, France Gall had several projects underway. She was busy returning from the musical resists , co-written with his companion Bruck Dawit and based on his greatest hits. A great success of the year 2016, with more than 350,000 cumulative spectators. The singer was also working on the return of Starmania , an iconic rock opera, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the musical, of which more than 2.2 million albums have been sold, in France alone.

For the moment everything is in stand-by indicates The Parisian but no one doubts that Raphaël Hamburger will put his talent at the service of these projects.

France Gall and Michel Berger, a mythical couple

In video: “The Declaration”, by France Gall

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