punitive expedition in Trebes: the testimony of the victim

punitive expedition in Trebes: the testimony of the victim

PHOTO / Photo Nathalie Amen-Vals

EXCLUSIVE . deliberately hit by a car Monday in the Needle, Abdel Imime a critical eye on “these young people who respect nothing more.”

since the remand in custody Wednesday night, a suspect the raid, a resident of Malves-en-Minervois 21 years old, tensions seem not to have eased between the prisoner’s family and that the victim.

According to our information, a relative of the victim has indeed been intimidated outside his home Wednesday night and a small chase ensued. Without dramatic consequence, fortunately. Also, we learned yesterday morning, a relative of the detained suspect was also acting up … Handrails were made by these collateral victims.

  • The survey gendarmerie follows its course.

Carcassonne hospitalized since Monday night after being mown voluntarily by a motorist in the city of the Needle, in Trebes, Abdel Imime, a trébéen mason 30, has agreed to give us his version of events. He who was nearly amputated his right leg or even killed. Of what happened in the afternoon on Monday, February 1, the victim remembers everything, even if it has received a big hit baseball bat on the head … Part of his family living in the city of the Needle, where he himself resided for two years, waiting for his boss Abdel Imime when his uncle, mediator of trébéenne city, phoned him to tell him that the fireplace – the Staff – had been burglarized. A broken door and carried away soda cans … “ There was this group of young people before the fire and did their morality. It’s the young people I know … One of them then quickly ignited reproaching me for having made a right, which is not true. I just rushed. there, he threatened me saying he would call and return with his family.

This first episode is Abdul went home to change clothes before returning to the Needle. “ I was down the block from my grandmother (The Maples), when I saw them coming by car menacingly … And then they came down to me. The one with a bat Baseball, others with full cans of beer. They started shoving me, the tone is mounted, and go very quickly. There were exchanges of shots, and I did everything I was able to avoid the bat or the blows of beer cans … “One of the most surreal scene, in front of witnesses powerless against this wave of violence. “ I tried to dodge as I could, but I still got a bat blow on the head rang me completely. I heard nothing, I had the ears buzzing … When the car dark above me, I have tried to depart, but I was blocked by a parked car, and my right leg was stuck … “the injuries to ligaments and muscles of the leg, which required major surgery patient’s vascular surgery, on admission to the emergency Monday night. “ I was lucky to have the surgeon that night in the hospital, one of the best from what I was told. I lost a lot of blood, and was envisaged that my leg could be amputated …

  • ” There is more security in Trebes “

Today, Abdel Imime a natural feeling of rage, “ face these young people do not respect anything … We all screw up, but not like this. Today , Trebes, there is more security. There were not all these problems, it was ten years ago. There is not even men, it’s kids! ” well aware of having escaped the worst, Abdel Imime is marked on the physical, but also psychological: “ what hurts me is that everyone has been affected (family and close Editor’s note). ” The victim received a sharp bat blow to the head before being mowed.

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