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Public accounts : “We inherit a skid of 8 billion euros is unacceptable,” says Edouard Philippe

Public accounts : “We inherit a skid of 8 billion euros is unacceptable,” says Edouard Philippe

The prime minister, Edouard Philippe, has responded to the audit of public finances, published on Thursday 29 June by the Court of accounts, in which the magistrates financial call on the government to immediately take ” rigorous management measures “. The Court considers in fact that” in the absence of strong measures of redress “, the public deficit is expected to reach 3.2% of gross domestic product, a skid of 8 billion euros (0.4% of GDP) bequeathed by the previous government, of which Emmanuel Macron was the minister of the economy between 2014 and 2016

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” The finding of the Court of accounts are severe. Without appeal. We inherit a skid of 8 billion euros. This is unacceptable, “ has blasted Edouard Philippe, at a press briefing. This hole is about 8 billion euros, ” it is as if the previous government had built up a budget forgetting the one of justice. It is almost three times the budget of the culture “, stressed the prime minister, for which ” all these artifices place France in a situation of great fragility “.

who want to ” to rebuild a budget serious, credible, on a basis of sincere “, Edouard Philippe is committed ” to contain the deficit to 3 % this year “. “We will not do it by raising taxes, we will do this by cost-saving measures “, a-t-he assured.

” as early As Tuesday, when my declaration of general policy, and then during the month of July during the orientation debate of public finances, I will have the opportunity to clarify to the Parliament our strategy of adjustment of public accounts “, said the prime minister.

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