Promotion of antisocial

Promoting anti-social

François Baroin

” I think it is quite clever to put the two hostage-taking right at Bercy to embody the increase of the income tax and the CSG. “ (RTL, 18/05/2017)

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

” I have not rallied to the FN, I will accept and never at FN. I wanted to break the curse of the division of the right. “ (Europe 1, 17/05/2017)

Pierre Gattaz

” For the moment, we are on a cloud, for the moment Emmanuel Macron is a no-fault. “ (CNews, 16/05/2017)

François Lamy

” my friends, “PS” who claim to be part of the presidential majority will ask Edward Philip to defend the balance sheet as they do with me ? “ (Twitter, 15/05/2017)

Manuel Valls

” I don’t want to give up my ideological struggle for the Republic and secularism. (…) I don’t have a problem with bonapartism. “ (JDD, 14/05/2017)

Manuel Valls

” Hollande is nasty, but in a framework. Macron, to him, is wicked, but it has no codes so no limits. “ (JDD, 14/05/2017)

Pierre Gattaz

” Macron does not go far enough on lower loads, it is necessary to do more with less. “ (08/05/2017)

Emmanuel Macron

” Jean Jaurès was a man who loved freedom much more than those who cite at leisure today. It was as a defender of the contractor. “ (La Dépêche du Midi, 03/05/2017)

Manuel Valls

” I enrolled in the presidential majority. My support to Emmanuel Macron will be committed support to achieve this quinquennium. “ (CNews, 04/05/2017)

Jean-Christophe Cambadelis

” The party of’epinay’s death and well death. ” (02/05/2017)

Ségolène Royal

” It was a good surprise on Sunday evening, our candidate was in the lead. “ (CNews, 25/04/2017)

Jean-Christophe Cambadelis

” The battle of France has just begun. It will be long. The PS will play its role and it will be in its place : the first place. “ (24/04/2017)

François Fillon

” It is not the media who decide the issues. “ (20/04/2017)

Marine Le Pen

” The settlement was very beneficial, in particular to Algeria. “ (19/04/2017)

Jean Lassalle

” My election will have the same impact as that of Obama in the United States. “ (17/04/2017)

Emmanuel Macron

” A start-up nation is a nation where everyone can say that he will be able to create a start-up. I want France to be one. “ (14/04/2017)

Emmanuel Macron

” The reforms by orders which help speed up the debate. “ (Public Sénat, 11/04/2017)

Laurent Binet

” the Irony of history, the PS is going to die as he lived : by the vote. “ (10/04/2017)

Emmanuel Macron

” The Macronisme is a pragmatism that believes in the century that happens ! “ (BFMTV, 09/04/2017)

Eric Ciotti

” Only François Fillon proposes to break with the impunity that has settled in five years of socialism and to restore finally the authority of the State ! “ (Twitter, 08/04/2017)

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