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Program of the higher education and research of France insubordinate : “yes to criticism, no to the caricature “

Program of the higher education and research of France insubordinate : “yes to criticism, no to the cartoon “

in a column In World dating back to the 20 April, a group of researchers attack the program of the higher education and research (ESR) in France insubordinate. If the criticism is of course legitimate, the caricature is less, especially two days away from an election as important and indecisive.

The differences between the two programs

first of All, the authors refer back to our program and that of the FN in titrating their platform : “The program of Le Pen and Mélenchon could seriously undermine science “. This practice, which consists in associating in one and the same under both programs, however antagonistic in many ways, in order to lay easily discredit on the candidacy of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, does not do honour to the authors of the tribune.

The comparative program targeted on the ESR does not lack not, however, and they make it easy to realize the differences between the two programs : we offer, for example, a recruitment of 5,000 staff in three years and a monthly allowance of 800 euro for the students so that the national Front does nothing on these two aspects ! In some aspects of our program approximates more to that of Benoît Hamon, however, some of the signatories to defend.

Then their criticism is articulated in several points : They do not believe that we can get out of austerity. They promote a research project (national research Agency) which is run by and for the excellence, which is driven by more competition (High Council of the evaluation of research and higher education, award of excellence), cooperation. They argue for a strong link with private companies and defend the continuation of the autonomy of universities,

We accept these differences and believe that a large majority of scientists, like us, wish the end of the race for publications and this competition…

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