Price cut for Playstation Now

Price cut for Playstation Now

The monthly cost of the game streaming service Playstation Now are now around 15 euros – so far were around 17 euros due. Sony has announced this without mentioning a reason for the price reduction. It’s probably just about making the offer more attractive. There is no information about the number of customers, but in forums or social networks, there is virtually never anyone who calls playing nights and PS Now in one sentence.

Simultaneously with the price reduction, Sony has added more titles to the library. So there is now also the PS3 version of the post-apocalyptic adventure Fallout New Vegas and the Enhanced Edition of the fantasy role-playing game Divinity Original Sin (2014).

Other new releases include NBA 2K16, Disgaea 5 – Alliance of Vengeance and The Bug Butcher. The range of exciting Playstation 4 games is still very limited. Top titles like the current Uncharted or Horizon Zero Dawn are not available.

With Playstation Now, owners of a PS4 and a Windows PC can run the games without a long installation. For this purpose, both on the PS4 and on the PC, an app must be installed and an account to be set up at Sony. If you like, you can try the offer for free for seven days.

PS Now runs the games on Sony servers. From there, they will be streamed to the user’s screen, starting via the app. The operation normally works via the gamepad. Also in the PC version is controlled by Dualshock 4 – the controller can be coupled via USB port or wirelessly using a dongle. According to Sony PS Now requires an online connection with at least 5 Mbit / second – that is about DSL 6,000.

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