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Presidential / ultimate survey before the debate: Macron and The Pen to the elbow-to-elbow, Fillon distanced

Presidential / ultimate survey before the debate: Macron and The Pen to the elbow-to-elbow, Fillon distanced

A few hours first televised debate, this Monday night on TF1, Emmanuel Macron, and Marine Le Pen would be the elbow-to-elbow in the first round of the presidential election, far ahead of French prime minister François Fillon in a net decline in two weeks, according to a survey Elabe published on Monday and conducted for the BFMTV, and The Express (1).

With 25.5% of the voting intentions, the candidate of the movement In motion! ahead of correctness the president of the Front national, to 25%, according to the survey. Mr. Macron is stable compared to the previous survey of this institute published on 7 march, while the candidate of the extreme right loses a point. In the second round, Mr. Macron would win with 63% of voting intentions in the face of Ms. Le Pen, credited with 37%.

in The first round, Mr. Fillon, accused the march 14, for misappropriation of public funds in the case of jobs, the alleged dummy of the family, is largely outdistanced, according to the survey. The candidate of the right is now credited with 17.5% of voting intentions, representing a decrease of 1.5 points.

The socialist Benoît Hamon, the fourth, is stable at 13.5%, followed closely by the candidate of France insubordinate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, to 13% (+1). The sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is stable at 3%, followed by centrist Jean Lassalle (1%), which is qualified in extremis for the presidential election and is being tested for the first time. The other “small” candidates, François Asselineau, Philippe Poutou and Nathalie Arthaud, are credited of 0.5%. Jacques Cheminade does not reach this threshold. 59% of registered voters surveyed say they are “absolutely certain to vote” in the first round. The voters who are most certain of their choice are those of Mrs. Le Pen (84%) and M. Fillon (77%). 59% of voters in Mr. Macron say they are confident in their choice, an increase of 14 points, as did 53% of the voters of Mr. Hamon, and 64% of those of Mr. Mélenchon.

PS, of the national bureau special with Bernard Cazeneuve, on Monday evening

The SP be held on Monday night’s national office is extraordinary, in the presence of Bernard Cazeneuve, and other members of the government, with the aim of closing ranks behind Benoît Hamon, a-t-on learned from several sources. This BN will be held at 18: 00 behind closed doors in the rue de Solferino. According to the PS, the seven members of the government will be present, in addition to the Prime minister: Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, André Vallini, Juliette Méadel, Pascale Boistard, Laurence Rossignol, Alain Vidalies, Estelle Grelier. The presidents of the parliamentary groups (Assembly, Senate, european Parliament) and the chairmen of regional executive and the county are also advertised. the “The goal is to recall the gravity of the moment facing the risk of dissolution of the divisions and of the disappearance of the left, and initiate a call to the gathering” behind the PS candidate for the presidential election, said one of the spokesperson of the PS, Razzy Hammadi.

This is a strong signal at a time when few voices appear discordant and sow the seeds of disorder in our voters. It’s a reminder that everyone is behind our candidate“, has completed the member of parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis, the next day a new load of former Prime minister Manuel Valls against Mr. Hamon. the “The objective is that everyone is on the bridge in the coming weeks”, according to another spokesperson, Corinne Narassiguin. “The goal is to help Benoît Hamon, to make the best score possible (…) It is necessary that the score is correct in anticipation of the legislative (…) The interest of everyone is to support Benoît Hamon, including those who are not on his line,”, decrypts a leader of the PS. the “If he gets eliminated in the first round, it must be an honorable defeat. If it does not happen in the second round, plan B is to pass legislation in the best way possible”, points out this source.

A member of the government is on the same wave length. the “If the left is very low to the presidential election, it will be evanescent in the Parliament and the five-year programme will be very right. Hence the importance of having a candidate very strong in the first round” says he.

Debate: “there is no one to knock down” for Fillon (Jérôme Chartier RL)

Jérôme Chartier, special adviser to François Fillon, has assured Monday that the first televised debate between the five main candidates for the presidential election, Monday, was not the occasion to”shoot down” such and such opponent. the “there is no one to shoot down” among the five candidates who will debate in the evening, said Mr. Chartier in a press briefing.

Describing the state of mind of the winner of the primary from the right, put in a review last week after suspicions of jobs fictitious in his family, Mr. Chartier stated that “this is someone who likes confrontation” and “tonight, this will be a confrontation of projects”. “This is not the entrance exam to the Ena. It shall elect a president, not a beast contest“, he added. “It is a debate that confronts the projects of political families that have nothing to do with each other. It is a little more than a month before the first round, it is now that the French are going to be interested in the political debate“, has also claimed the mp, lamenting the fact that “all the candidates have not been able to participate in the first debate for the presidential“.

Six presidential candidates have not been invited to this debate, broadcast on TF1 and LCI, the shelf will be occupied by French prime minister François Fillon (LR), Marine Le Pen (FN), Emmanuel Macron (Works!), Benoît Hamon (PS), and Jean-Luc Mélenchon (France insubordinate). “French prime minister François Fillon has been all weekend very studious, he was at home in the Sarthe. He has received a lot of phone calls, he read a lot, he walked, relaxed. This morning he did a bit of sport, he ran”, ” said Mr. Chartier. And then “it has continued to work on” for the debate, “highly concentrated“, he stressed.

(1) this Survey was conducted online from march 17 to 19, from 3.010 people aged 18 years and more, where was extracted a sample of 2.847 people registered on the electoral lists, according to the method of quotas. Margin of error of 1 percentage point to 2.2 points. Voting intentions do not constitute a profit forecast, they do give an indication of the state of the power relations and dynamics on the day of the survey.

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