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Presidential : one end of a campaign turned upside-down by l'bombing of Paris

Presidential : one end of a campaign turned upside-down by l'bombing of Paris

The official campaign ends this Friday at midnight, the media no longer had the right to publish or broadcast opinion polls or statements of the candidates up to Sunday, 20 hours, when the first results will be announced.

To give a final impetus to a campaign full of surprises and twists and turns, dominated in recent days by a game with four (Macron-Pen-Fillon-Mélenchon) with strong suspense, the eleven candidates had all planned meeting, movement, or speech. But, since the offices of France 2, where they were all at the show “Fifteen minutes to convince”, they learned that a shooting on the Champs-Élysées had killed a policeman in Paris, and wounded two others, as well as a bandwidth.


Cancellations in series

“Nothing must interfere with this time fundamental democratic for our country,” the Prime minister said this Friday on the front steps of the Elysée palace. Bernard Cazeneuve has called “the spirit of responsibility and the dignity of each person” and has urged him not to “yield to the division, and still less to the extremes”.

The eleven candidates, themselves, have unanimously paid tribute Thursday night to the dead policeman, and, more generally, to the forces of the order. Francois Fillon and Marine Le Pen have quickly announced that they are cancelling their trips, followed in the night by Emmanuel Macron.

On the plateau of France2, the ex-Prime minister Nicolas Sarkozy stated that “in the context that we live in, there is no need to continue (…) an electoral campaign because we need to show solidarity (…) victim“. Not for a field visit to Marine Le Pen, who has decided after the shooting to make a statement this Friday morning.

Emmanuel Macron announced on the night the cancellation of the two meetings consecutive scheduled to Rouen and then to Arras. He will speak “before the French” this Friday. The other candidate Running!, leading in the polls, urged the French “not to give in to the fear” : “we do need to in no way give the impression to our attackers that we split, that we give in some way to their diktat”.


Don’t “fall into fear”

The candidate of France insubordinate Jean-Luc Mélenchon has wished “not to interrupt the process of our democracy to demonstrate that the violent will not have the last word against the republicans”. His entourage has confirmed the continuation of his program for Friday. He will participate including 19 hours in Paris at one of the many “aperitifs untamed” organized in France, accompanied in particular by the leader of Podemos, the Spanish Pablo Iglesias.

The PS candidate Benoît Hamon has cancelled a trip in the morning, but maintained an address at 17: 30 to Carmaux, a land of Jaurès. “This would be a serious error to fall into fear and put in parentheses the democratic debate”, he said.

The sovereign Nicolas Dupont-Aignan has confirmed that he would run in Seine-Saint-Denis and then in the Essonne. As for Philippe Poutou (NPA), it maintains its last meeting in Annecy. Nathalie Arthaud (LO) has reserved its final night to a passage on BFMTV.

Jean Lassalle, “caught short” on Thursday night, said Friday morning that he would surely “cancel” a scheduled meeting, his stay in Pau. “The more one is worthy and modest, the more one is strong,” he said. the François Asselineau, a candidate for the UPR, did not suspend his campaign and will hold its meeting closing of the campaign in Strasbourg. “Everyone does as he wishes,” he judged.


Support in the last row right

waiting for the verdict of the voters, a record number say they are still undecided, the candidates have staged their final alliances. Supported by artists and intellectuals of the u.s., Jean-Luc Mélenchon has received the support of bolivian president Evo Moralès. According to several sources, close to Arnaud Montebourg (PS) are also planning to call to vote for him.

While François Fillon can boast of the support of Alain Delon, Emmanuel Macron, received a phone call from the ex-us president Barack Obama. After having met with the secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, he has recorded Thursday night as the support of Dominique de Villepin, former Prime minister Jacques Chirac.

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