Police will check information on white powder in the office Obama

Police will check information on white powder in the office

Moscow. February 13. INTERFAX.RU – American police are checking reports that an envelope with white powder was found in the office of former US President Barack Obama in Washington, Fox News reported on Tuesday.

According to the television channel, the unknown sent this message to the office of the ex-president from Hong Kong without specifying the return address.

According to some reports, the white powder contained in the envelope was a baby powder.

It is not yet known whether Obama was in the building at the time when a suspicious parcel was delivered there.

Earlier on Tuesday, a suspicious letter with white powder was delivered to one of the offices in the Palace of Westminster, where the sessions of the British Parliament are held. In London, in connection with this, an investigation is being conducted.

In addition, on the eve of the spouse of the eldest son of American President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., was in the hospital after opening an envelope addressed to her husband, which also contained white powder. However, according to media reports, the hospitalization of Vanessa Trump – the wife of D. Trump Jr. – was just a precaution. The powder found in the envelope was not dangerous.

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