Police extends the siege of fixing auction with two new detainees

The investigation into the alleged irregularities that have been committed in public auction of the Treasury of the Social Security in Cádiz hit yesterday a new way to add new pieces to this puzzle. Agents of the National Police arrested early in the morning to an administrative assistant of the provincial leadership of this institution and an employee of the company that handles the storage and custody of the property seized.

With this new action amounts to four the number of people arrested for an alleged crime of altering prices in public tenders and auctions following the arrests of the head of the section of the Social Security Auctions in Cadiz and Chiclana a subastero who practiced Tuesday. This operation started six months ago with the complaint made by a particular suspicions I had about these tenders.

The operation, led by the Specialist Crime Unit and Violent (UDEV) of the National Police and who heads the Court of Instruction No. 3 of Cádiz, still under a gag waiting to continue to give new results. In fact, research sources noted yesterday that it will continue to produce more arrests of people connected to this case.

The operation that was launched in yesterday morning was much more discreet than he performed last Tuesday for records. So, first thing in the morning came in Chiclana arrest employee of the firm that was to keep all the assets seized by the body collecting Social Security to be subsequently disposed in bids and thus be able to recover part of the debts uncollected.

Meanwhile, about eight o’clock, police re-entered the headquarters of the Treasury of the Social Security, located on the Amilcar Barca avenue to proceed to arrest administrative assistant, who was in his job.

the detainees were taken to temporary detention area of ​​the provisional Provincial Police station, located in the building Pirulí. After giving evidence and be informed of their rights and the reasons for arrest, both were transferred to the cells of the police station in San Fernando, where they remain in custody until they are brought to justice.

Sources close to the investigation noted that, from the information that has been collected in different registers, should work to establish the relations that existed between the four detainees and their way of working.

So , sources consulted by this media said yesterday the suspicions that exist about the possibility that the chiclanero subastero, who was arrested on Tuesday, told insider information provided by the arrested officials to know the state in which the auctions were and offers that had occurred in a sealed envelope, so that could have advantage to know how to act if they wanted to bid on any of the lots that were going to alienate.

in this way, the subastero could She has learned first if a underbidding could be done with the ownership of the property to tender or if your bet had to climb to get to them.

currently, the General Treasury of the Social Security keeps public event procedure for conducting auctions, although other institutions already use electronic means to try to ensure cleanliness. The procedure begins with the call through the website of this administration, so that he is given publicity to real or personal property that are available. Interested parties may submit their bids in sealed envelopes until one business day before the meeting or viva voce in the time and place indicated.

During the day it will take to justice Chiclana both subastero as the section chief Auction Social Security.

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