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Poisoning in a wine vat in Carcassonne: one of the workers died on Monday


hospitalized and placed in an artificial coma since January 20, Hocine Ben Hammed died Monday at age 37. Eden Delquié, 25, intoxicated on the same day while cleaning the same wine vat on the site of the former Muscoop, is itself always placed in a coma at the hospital in Carcassonne.

“It’s dramatic, it’s very disturbing. Mr. Hammed Ben was with us for 18 years as a skilled worker. He was conductor of facilities” , reacted Patrick Julien, CEO of Union GRAP’SUD … Before hide behind “the ongoing investigation of the police and the labor inspectorate” , when asked what has been happening.

According to our information, malfunction of protective masks used may be involved. It was on 20 January, at 10:50, the alarm was raised, while two workers of the company mérinvilloise GRAP’SUD had just been found inert in burgundy, at the bottom of a tank that they had to clean.

cardio-ventilatory arrest, the two men had been revived, before being taken under escort to the hospital emergency room. The police investigation, conducted by the services of urban security brigade (BSU) of Carcassonne, is ongoing.

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