PETA opposes Logan Paul

PETA opposes Logan Paul

He pats from one fool to the next: YouTuber Logan Paul. Now he has put on PETA in one of his new videos. The animal rights organization demands the deletion of a video in which he torments a dead rat.
What is he thinking? YouTuber Logan Paul (22) in his videos? Nothing? Or the greatest possible attention through border crossings? Again he is targeted by harsh hostility. In one of his latest videos, he shoots a dead rat with a stun gun and uses his bare hands to unearth a living koi fish out of the water, hinting at resuscitation. For all animal rights activists of course absolute no-gos.

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Clear words from PETA

In conversation with the US gossip portal “TMZ” PETA boss Lisa Lange is also beating the same score and asking YouTube to remove the controversial video. Such content would have lost nothing on the platform and would desensitize young people to animal cruelty. The animal rights organization also confirmed its demand on Twitter ,
Only a few weeks ago, Paul was targeted for massive criticism after he filmed a corpse of a suicide and put it online. A mistake that he later publicly admitted and regretted. He lost then various advertising contracts. In addition, YouTube has not turned on for several days advertising more in the videos of Paul.

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