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Pesticides: the more exposed the Aude Pyrénées-Orientales

Map of pesticide exposures broadcast by France TV Info Tuesday afternoon. Map of pesticide exposures broadcast by France TV Info Tuesday afternoon.

Issuance Cash Investigation on France 2 devoted its report on Tuesday, February 2 at the exposure of French and especially children about the dangers of chemicals. Much of this report is devoted to pesticides used in agriculture.

A few hours before this show, France TV Info published an interactive map of confidential data from the Ministry of Agriculture exposure to pesticides of the French between 2008 and 2013. This shows that the Aude department consumes a large amount of classified hazardous pesticides, while the Eastern Pyrenees prove to be among the departments less polluted.

So, 1,207 tonnes of hazardous pesticides are sold each year in the Aude against 410 tonnes in the Pyrenees-Orientales. Figure somewhat surprising for P.-O. since 2013, 15.2% of the utilized agricultural area (UAA) was for the bio, which was then in the first organic department of France.

Getting back to the data released by France TV Info, glyphosate, the main component of herbicides used mainly for the cultivation of cereals and vines, folpet and mancozeb, widely used fungicide for vines also but also for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables arrive in the Top 3 dangerous pesticides known and used in the Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales.

Find all the data and interactive map published by France TV Info by clicking here.

CASH INVESTIGATION / surprise Elise Lucet the Minister of Agriculture

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