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Perpignan – The soon pay parking at the hospital? Give us your opinion!

The hospital parking lot will soon be paying for the users. The hospital parking lot will soon be paying for users. PHOTO / PERPIGNAN HARRY RAY JORDAN

Users of the hospital or visitors, they will all soon pay to park on one of the locations of parking at this public facility and unveils The Independent in its edition of Wednesday, February 3 .

While the supervisory board, whose members include the Mayor of Perpignan but also representatives of the urban community and the county council was “not informed” of the decision, a tender has indeed been launched for a “public service delegation (DSP) for the development and operation of the car to hospital in Perpignan.”

the Independent on Wednesday, the director hospital, Vincent Rouvet, is nevertheless strongly advocates want to make money with the parking. “The goal is not to make money but to better manage parking on site. It is faced with suction cups vehicles for motorhomes who settle summer, people who use the car park as a park and ride to catch the bus, people who park here permanently … the goal is to discourage such behavior. “

” Racket of patients and their families “ protest the objectors including Bruno Delmas, president of L’Olivier. And you? What do you think? Do you understand the arguments of the hospital director or the logic of charging you she annoys?

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